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For LSU - a comprehensive State Flagship Research University of the State of Louisiana - state and federal grants are vital to support research activities. LSU which serves all segments of society - locally, nationally, and internationally - uses grants and contracts to address specific knowledge gaps. For instance, the Economics & Policy Research Group’s funded projects include economic impact studies, program evaluations, economic forecasting, and a broad range of economics research assessing the impact of potential policies. The Center for Analytics & Research in Transportation Safety receives grants from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the Louisiana State Police for Highways Safety Analytics projects.

Graduate and undergraduate students benefit from funded research because it allows them to participate in research by working part-time on a research project. As an example, on average 14 graduate students and 16 undergraduate students work each year on CARTS projects. 

Although business colleges in the past have not been accustomed to applying for and receiving grants, budget cuts at state levels make it increasingly important to attract grants from federal and state governments as well as funded research from industry to support research and PhD programs. This website provides information and resources regarding grants and contracts for the business school and other funded research opportunities.

Sponsored Program Forms

LSU requires certain forms to be used for funded research and grant applications. LSU Office of Sponsored Programs forms may also be accessed through LSU's website. LSU's website also provides several standard sponsor forms. Please contact Laurielle Roberson for help with these forms.

The LSU Office of Research and Economic Development provides additional resources and information regarding general research and funding to faculty.

Human Subject Studies

If your study involves human subjects in any form you must get approval from LSU's Institutional Review Board. Your research may qualify for an exemption of institutional review. Please submit all IRB applications by email to For more information, please visit the IRB website.

College Assistance

The E.J. Ourso College of Business supports obtaining grants and external funding by providing staff to assist with grant writing, budgeting, and human resources. 


Laurielle Roberson assists faculty members with finding funding opportunities, editing and routing proposals through the Sponsored Programs System, and budgeting for the grants.

Janice Wildman serves as business manager for grants within the E. J. Ourso College.

Both support grant and funded research activities.