Research Overview | LSU Professional Sales Institute


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The research mission of the LSU Professional Sales Institute is to conduct cutting-edge scientific analysis on the sales profession and provide insights to managers on state-of-the-art methods to build and maintain a competitive edge in the sales force. Our researchers work collaboratively with managers and executives on projects aimed at providing both practical implications for managers and scientific findings for academic audiences. The topics of our research projects include:

  • Sales force compensation plans
  • Increasing the lifetime value of salespeople
  • Sales strategy (i.e., macro‐level research examining effects across sales organizations)
  • Sales force design (i.e., structure, alignment, sizing, territory design)
  • Customer engagement (i.e., buyer seller relationships, targeting, sales process)
  • People and skills (i.e., leadership, performance management, evaluation of traits, and competencies of salespeople)
  • Motivation (i.e., culture, incentives, metrics, goals)
  • Sales operations (i.e., CRM, analytics)​