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Public Administration Theory Conference

The Public Administration Theory Network formed in 1978 when a group of colleagues sought a venue for discussing and developing public administration theory. Its members now include academics, government officials, and public service professionals.

The Network hosts a conference every year in late spring where scholars are offered the opportunity to discuss their work and hear from colleagues from across the globe.

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Nicole Wesley headshot

Nicole Wesley
Baton Rouge, LA

2019 Denver,

"The Inequities of Truth: Barriers to Informed Decision Making for All," explored obstacles to knowing and evaluating what is true, such as disparities in access to education. These disparities hinder individuals’ ability to interpret information accurately and create circumstantial differences that influence our choices. For example, the average readability of propositions that we as citizens are voting on at the polls in the U.S. is at a grade level of 17.1, meaning over 17 years of education are needed to understand these laws. If only a select few can read constitutional laws, then only these few can truly make policy decisions, contributing to the systemic inequities.