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Full-Time Employment

Placement Opportunities

Since its creation in 1972, the LSU MPA program has prepared students to work in federal, state, and local levels of government, nonprofit organizations, and private entities that deal with governmental organizations and policy issues. More than 850 graduates of the LSU MPA program now dot federal, state, and local governments as well as nonprofit agencies and private organizations.

Below are notable organizations, agencies, and industries where LSU MPA's are currently employed.

State and Local Opportunities

  • Board of Regents
  • City Government
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Family and Children Services
  • Department of Health and Hospitals
  • Division of Administration
  • Legislative Auditor's Office
  • Legislative Fiscal Office
  • Louisiana Senate & House of Representatives
  • Office of Governor
  • Other State Agencies
  • Parish and County Government

Non-profit and Private Opportunities

  • Consulting firms
  • Governmental relations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Research organizations 

Placement Rates

For MPA graduates in May and December of 2015:

Public Sector (Federal, State & Local Government) - 72%; Private Sector - 11%; Non-Profit Sector - 17%; Not Reported - 0%

For MPA graduates in May and December of 2016:

Public Sector (Federal, State & Local Government) - 67%; Private Sector - 10%; Non-Profit Sector - 19%; Not Reported - 5%

Preparing for full-time employment

A Legacy of Leadership & Service

Over the past 43 years, the LSU Department of Public Administration (now known as Department of Public Administration) has established a track record of placing its students in prominent positions within local, state, and federal government. Notable agencies and organizations currently employing MPA alumni include the Louisiana Office of the Governor, the Louisiana Legislative Fiscal Office, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Senate, and the American Cancer Society, to name a few. Whether your interest is in a career in public management in local government, policy analysis in Washington D.C., or launching a nonprofit, PAI strives to place students in the best situations and in contact with the most appropriate people to actualize your professional goals in public service.

Individual Development

With the broad placement of our alumni and the intimacy offered by our small program size, public administration is able to cultivate each student’s professional goals and needs using one-on-one consultations, advisement, and career development. Students are encouraged to arrange a consultation with our Program Advisor and Director Jared Llorens or any of our other faculty members.


Students of the MPA program are also provided numerous opportunities to network with our alumni, as well as notable figures in public service. The Department of Public Administration and the MPA student association, PASA, host events throughout the year, including the annual MPA Banquet in the fall and Public Administration Honors Luncheon in the spring. These events afford students valuable opportunities to meet and interact with public service leaders, and additional networking opportunities are also provided through public administration's capstone colloquium class, as well as seminars and discussion panels held throughout the semester. ​

PAI - 83 Percent had Government Employment

Upon graduating, 83% of students in our May 2016 class had employment in a government-related field.

PAI - 85 Percent had Salary Increase

Out of every 10 students who were already employed, 85% attributed their gaining a promotion and/or salary increase to having earned an MPA.