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Student Recognitions


Various LSU programs recognize E. J. Ourso College of Business students in all business disciplines through selective recognition programs. See individual listings to learn more.

CxC Distinguished Communicator

These recipients of the LSU Distinguished Communicator Award, the first award of its kind in the nation, are outstanding in four areas of communication: written, spoken, visual, and technological. They have earned high GPAs in their communication courses over their baccalaureate years and have built websites that display their talents for other students, faculty and the public. 

Leadership LSU

Leadership LSU is a campus tradition during which students explore the concepts of adaptive leadership through group discussion and extracurricular lectures with LSU and community leaders. The work of adaptive leadership challenges leaders to engage others and build their own capacity to address complex social issues from within communities, rather than simply solve issues for others. The program connects a student’s leadership experience with the challenges of their future career choices. It also aims to develop a leadership network and to deepen an understanding of leadership within a larger societal context.

LSU Discover

The LSU Discover Undergraduate Research Program supports student participation in faculty-mentored research and professional-level activities.

President's Millennial Scholars Program

The President's Millennial Scholars Program is a newly created four-year retention and preparation program targeted to underrepresented student populations for success during and after college by providing access to transformational opportunities that might not be easily accessed.

Sean O'Keefe Leadership Award

The Sean O'Keefe Leadership Award recognizes an LSU student who demonstrates exceptional leadership in the past and possesses the character, capability, vision, and motivation to be a leader in the future. Nominees are selected from the elected presidential posts from various student leadership positions. 

Stamps Scholars

The Stamps Scholarship is LSU's top scholarship opportunity for select incoming students of the Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College. Penelope W. and E. Roe Stamps IV began the scholarship program in 2006 to afford exceptional students an extraordinary higher education experience. The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation now gives to over 40 colleges and universities.

Student Athlete of the Month

The LSU Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes (CCACSA) recognizes athletes for their scholastic and community achievements each month. Students are chosen based on their commitment to academic success. 

Student Leadership Cabinet

The LSU Student Leadership Cabinet is a diverse group of student leaders from all avenues of campus life.

Tiger Twelve

In 1995, students, staff, and faculty came together to craft a statement of position regarding our basic principles as an academic community. The LSU Commitment to Community (C2C) states our expectations for each LSU community member.

Tom Dutton Award

The Tom W. Dutton Award is presented to female undergraduate or graduate student(s) for outstanding service to the University community through participation and leadership in community service activities while attending LSU. Each year, Campus Life receives many nominations for exemplary students that fit the criteria of the award and selects up to 10 candidates to be honored with the scholarship.

University Medalists

At each commencement, the University Medal for “Highest Academic Achievement” is awarded to the undergraduate student (or students) graduating with the highest GPA, provided that more than 50 percent of the credits required for the degree has been earned at LSU-BR. Grade point averages will be computed for (1) all work completed and (2) all work completed at LSU-BR, with the lower of the two averages determining eligibility for the medal.