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Stephanie L. Gandy
Professional Development, Internship Program Manager
Office of Business Student Success
2000 Business Education Complex East
Telephone: 225-578-3211


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Seth Michael Thibodeaux
Professional Development, Director
Office of Business Student Success
2000 Business Education Complex East
Telephone: 225-578-4069



Stephanie GandyStephanie Gandy
Internship Manager

The OBSS Professional Development staff compliments the work of advising staff by helping you reach your career goals. We can point you to information necessary to make critical career decisions, help you prepare for professional development events and career fairs, encourage you to join a student organization that will add to your network, and get you in front of potential employers.

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Student Resources

Olinde Career Center Job Board

This is a free resource for students and your source for: job postings, on-campus interviews, recruiting events, career-planning resources and workshops, networking, and job search management tools.


Use our events to make valuable contacts, practice networking skills, and learn valuable lessons that will help you stand out in a crowded job market.


One of our biggest initiatives is to promote and coordinate internships. To that end, we recently added an internship manager, Stephanie Gandy, to our staff. Stephanie will help students with all facets of their internship experience. This can include résumé preparation, interview skills, or professionalism coaching. Beyond that, Stephanie will provide support during internships and help students leverage their experience in their search for full-time employment.

Each department has a dedicated internship advisor who directs the internship course.

Department Advisors

Professional Development Course

Successful completion of General Business 3061: Business Communication & Professional Development, will instill timeless communication skills needed to succeed in any environment. This is a certified Communication-Intensive (C-I) course. It is recommended that students take this course during their junior year.