Rucks Department of Management Assistant Professor Michael Johnson Featured in Journal of Applied Psychology Editor’s Corner

April 19, 2021

Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson

BATON ROUGE- Last month, the Journal of Applied Psychology launched “The Journal Editor’s Corner,” which is a one-stop shop website resource for research published in the journal, featuring curated “scientific collections” of the most potentially impactful articles on the journal’s six most popular topics. Two articles written by Rucks Department of Management Assistant Professor Michael Johnson were included in the Health and Wellbeing and the Science to Practice collections.

Johnson’s article titled, “Thinking big: An integrative conceptual review of the workplace consequences of obesity and a theoretical extension of the processes that create them” was one of only ten articles selected for the Health and Wellbeing collection. This article strives to invigorate organizational research on obesity by collecting, cataloging, integrating, and extending the disparate research streams that have explored the workplace consequences of obesity. To do so, the authors reviewed studies on the workplace consequences of obesity, addressed the field’s weaknesses, and built a theoretical framework that shows how obesity is unique from other salient identities in the modern workplace. 

Also authored by Johnson, “The Inefficacy of LinkedIn? A Latent Change Model and Experimental Test of Using LinkedIn for Job Search” was highlighted in the Science to Practice collection. This paper explores how LinkedIn affects job search efforts. Despite its widespread use, the authors show how the increased use of LinkedIn leads users to feel emotionally exhausted, less confident in their job search ability, and ultimately less successful in obtaining a job. They discuss ways to protect oneself from the negative potential of using LinkedIn for job search.

“The Journal Editor’s Corner” is a new resource for authors, graduate students, and general consumers of applied psychology. It is not an official website for the Journal of Applied Psychology, but rather an effort to increase the impact of applied psychology research and serve as a "one stop shopping" resource. The website includes information/resources related to (1) the Journal and its team, (2) scientific collections (curated articles organized by content area), (3) science to practice information (related to our ioatwork partnership), (4) our commitment to diversity and inclusion, (5) open science, (6) author resources and (7) reviewer resources. Learn more at

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