Rucks Department of Management Professor Thomas Greckhamer’s Latest Paper Sheds Light on How Methodological Socialization is Vital in Training Qualitative Researchers

February 8, 2021

Thomas Greckhamer
Thomas Greckhamer

BATON ROUGE- Thomas Greckhamer, professor and director of Graduate Studies- PhD Program, Rucks Department of Management, recently co-authored an article with Sebnem Cilesiz (University of Louisiana-Lafayette) titled, "Methodological socialization and identity: A bricolage study of pathways toward qualitative research in doctoral education." This paper was accepted for publication by Organizational Research Methods.

Trends toward convergence on common methodologies and standardized templates restrict the diversity of qualitative methods in organizational research. Considering that graduate education is a critical process in researchers' socialization into the norms and dominant practices of their discipline, in this article the authors highlight that graduate students' socialization into research methodologies is vital for understanding methodological convergence. The purpose of the study was to understand how graduate students' socialization shapes their methodological and paradigmatic preferences. Showcasing methodological bricolage as an alternative to qualitative templates, the authors constructed a research design that combined thematic, discourse, and narrative analyses to investigate graduate students' reflections alternative research paradigms. The article’s findings highlight the role of institutional, disciplinary, and personal influences, foreground processes of identity work in researchers' socialization and, trace alternative trajectories by which socialization and methodological identity construction processes may unfold. The authors propose that understanding methodological socialization should be central to nurturing paradigmatic and methodological plurality in qualitative research. The article concludes with implications for future research and research methods training.

Full article available here: Methodological Socialization and Identity: A Bricolage Study of Pathways Toward Qualitative Research in Doctoral Education - Sebnem Cilesiz, Thomas Greckhamer, 2020 (

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