Article Co-authored with Rucks Department of Management Alumnus Accepted by Long Range Planning

Thomas Greckhamer                  Furkan Gur
Thomas Greckhamer                     Furkan Gur 


May 29, 2020

BATON ROUGE- Thomas Greckhamer, professor and director of Graduate Studies- PhD Program, Rucks Department of Management, co-authored a paper accepted for publication by Long Range Planning.

“Disentangling combinations and contingencies of generic strategies: A set-theoretic configurational approach” was written by Greckhamer and co-authored by Rucks Department of Management Alumnus Furkan Gur, who is now an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University.

An influential approach to understanding performance differences across firms in an industry is the framework of generic strategies developed by Michael Porter. It conceptualizes a set of generic strategies (i.e., cost leadership, differentiation, and focus strategies) as alternative paths to attaining a competitive advantage. Research on these generic strategies challenged the complexity of capturing relations between generic strategies and their interdependencies with other strategic attributes for performance outcomes.

In this study, the authors addressed these challenges through a configurational approach to study combinations of firms’ generic strategies and other strategy commitments as paths to high or low performance in the U.S. and Canadian airline industry from 1999-2014. The study’s findings shed light on the contingencies underlying the performance consequences of generic strategies and enable us to redirect theoretical debates on the links between generic strategies and firm performance. Specifically, they show that having a generic strategy advantage is not sufficient for high performance but that it is a vital ingredient in recipes for success. Similarly, their findings suggest that a generic strategy disadvantage is not sufficient for low performance but is a key ingredient in all paths to poor performance.

Long Range Planning (LRP) is a leading international journal for the field of strategic management. The journal has forged a strong reputation for publishing original research since 1968. LRP encourages submissions of articles that involve empirical research and theoretical articles, including studies that review and assess the current state of knowledge in important areas of strategy.

The full study is available online here: .

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