HSRG Holds Traffic Records User Conference

July 31, 2019


2019 Traffic Records User Conference 

BATON ROUGE - The Traffic Records User Conference was a one-day conference held Tuesday, July 30, at the LSU Business Education Complex. Conference presentations focused on law enforcement and other traffic records, data users and stakeholders.

The conference hosted about 130 professionals from across the state. These professionals consisted of EMS professionals, law enforcement officers, and government officials from public health, highway safety and the courts. Most importantly, all the major levels of government/administration in Louisiana were represented, including federal, state, parish and local authorities, as well as organizations from the private sector.

Topics and highlights included:

  • Upcoming plans to revise the Louisiana Crash Report to include advancements that have led to issues in the last 20 years like roundabouts, self-driving vehicles, communication devices;
  • Revisions to the Crash Report Manual comprising clarifications of injury code definitions, explanations of the difference between distracted and inattentive drivers, additional diagrams to help illustrate various types of movements, events and collisions, and a suggested format for a crash narrative and samples to illustrate it;
  • An app that allows law enforcement to access the crash manual from their smart devices while investigating a crash;
  • Interactive infographics;
  • Data governance;
  • Reducing alcohol-related fatalities with ride-sharing; and
  • Data management and disaster recovery practices.

“The Traffic Records User Conference offers a unique forum for disseminating traffic safety data, sharing research and analysis, training on data quality, and building partnerships among attendees,” said Dan Magri, TRCC Chair and DOTD Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Planning.

About the Highway Safety Research Group

The Highway Safety Research Group (HSRG) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, storing, analyzing and distributing crash-related data captured from law enforcement and other agencies throughout the state of Louisiana. This data are used to perform many research studies and produce an annual factbook. These publications are used by decision-makers in setting policies, projects, and programs to improve the safety of our state's roadways. HSRG is a division of the Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems within the E. J. Ourso College of Business at Louisiana State University.


Elizabeth Eaton
E. J. Ourso College of Business