Econometrics Emeritus Professor Recognized for Contribution to “Principles of Econometrics”

July 23, 2019


R. Carter Hill

BATON ROUGE – R. Carter Hill, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Econometrics in the department of economics, was recognized for co-authoring Principles of Econometrics by the LSU Office of Innovation and Technology. According to the publisher’s website, “Principles of Econometrics, Fifth Edition, is an introductory book for undergraduate students in economics and finance, as well as first-year graduate students in a variety of fields that include economics, finance, accounting, marketing, public policy, sociology, law and political science."

“Principles of Econometrics, Fifth Edition, is the latest in a series of econometrics textbooks that began in 1980 that have trained generations of economists, from advanced graduate students to undergraduate students, garnering more than 10,000 academic citations,” said R. Carter Hill. “This book provides students the tools to analyze economic data and critically evaluate statistical results. I appreciate the recognition by the LSU Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization and it is supporting the development of intellectual property at LSU.”

Students will gain a working knowledge of basic econometrics, so they can apply modeling, estimation, inference, and forecasting techniques when working with real-world economic problems. Readers will also gain an understanding of econometrics that allows them to critically evaluate the results of others’ economic research and modeling, and that will serve as a foundation for further study of the field.

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