Economics Major wins Summer Research Grant

May 21, 2019

BATON ROUGELSU Economics major, Sean Krieg, received one of 14 summer Undergraduate Research Project Grants. Krieg’s research is entitled Louisiana’s Purchasing: The Impact of a Carbon Tax and Dividend Policy on Louisiana’s Consumption Spending.

The research objective is to contribute to the understanding of how carbon pricing, coupled with a corresponding public dividend, would impact Louisiana's consumer spending, one of the most significant driving forces of the state economy. While completely capable of being adapted to other policies of the same nature, Krieg’s analysis focuses on The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (US H.R. 763). The bill, much like the carbon pricing strategy currently in place in Canada, relies on fee and dividend approach that has received notable public support from entities as wide ranging as environmental advocacy groups, oil and gas companies, and Nobel Laureates.

“Louisiana is a state that stands to be uniquely impacted by climate change,” said Krieg. “Both addressing and failing to address this issue will likely result in significant economic shocks, situated as we are at a complicated intersection of environmental and economic impact. My research is intended to provide a building block upon which a more complete understanding of what Louisiana's economic future might look like, as well as assist in indicating a preferred policy path moving forward.”

With an LSU Discover Undergraduate Research Project Grant, currently enrolled, full-time LSU undergraduate students can receive funding for hourly wages, supplies, and travel related to undergraduate research or creative project.  Students must have an LSU employed faculty member or researcher serve as their supervisor.

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Elizabeth Eaton
E. J. Ourso College of Business