LSU Professors explore link between Politics and Entrepreneurship

April 5, 2019


Louis-Philippe Beland and Bulent Unel

BATON ROUGE Louis-Philippe Beland, assistant professor, and Bulent Unel, associate professor and director of Graduate Studies – PhD Program, in the Department of Economics at LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business, recently published a research paper exploring politics and entrepreneurship in the United States in the Canadian Journal of Economics.

The paper, Politics and entrepreneurship in the US,  investigated the causal impact of partisan commitment of governors on entrepreneurial activity since both parties claim that they have policies that are more conducive for business activity. Republicans complain about high tax rates imposed on American firms, whereas Democrats claim that they have fought to remove barriers that stand in the way of businesses, helping small businesses especially.

“There is a strong belief that Republicans are more pro-business than Democrats,” said Bulent Unel. “Indeed, during the 2016 presidential election, Republican candidates criticized the Obama Administration for being anti-business. We investigated this common belief by rigorously exploiting variations in entrepreneurial activity across states over a period between 1980--2014. We found that Republican governors are no different from Democratic governors in their effects on entrepreneurship.”


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