Student Leader Profile: Kire’ Jackson

February 8, 2019

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Kire' Jackson

BATON ROUGE – Kire’ Jackson, LSU Student Government Chief of Staff, talks to us about student government, opportunities for students, and her favorite LSU tradition.

Kire’ Jackson
Hometown: New Orleans, LA native, grew up in McKinney, TX
Major: BS Management with a minor in Political Science
Year: Senior – Graduating May 2019

How did you become involved with student government?

“I became involved in student government my freshman year at LSU as a member of the Freshman Leadership Council (FLC), a component of the Executive Branch of SG. FLC taught me about all the different departments and branches of student government, leadership training, how to plan events, and offered volunteer opportunities.”

How does student government serve students? Why should students get involved?

“Student government serves students every day through our meetings with staff and administration relaying student grievances and ideas, hosting events for students, writing legislation that provides services and products for students, funding other student organization trips or initiatives, and much more. Students should get involved with either student government or other organizations to simply make a difference on our campus. There are many things that students recognize that an administrator or faculty member might not see as an issue. The voice and power of students is an impactful force that can affect how our university looks and treats people in the future.”

Do you have advice for incoming students?

“I always advise incoming students to get involved to find their place on campus. However, it is equally as important to find a community of people you can work and rely on throughout school. Finding a group of individuals that can assist and motivate you will make your collegiate experience much more enjoyable and beneficial.”

What are you looking forward to this year?

“I am looking forward to completing my final semester in student government. My experience in student government has provided me with countless experiences and memories that I will always treasure. I hope to leave some sort of impact on the outstanding organization.”

Favorite spot on campus or favorite LSU tradition?

“My favorite spot on campus is the quad on a nice spring day. Seeing the flowers bloom and students enjoy the space is something I will miss.”

How will this leadership opportunity shape your career?

“My time in student government has motivated me to apply to and attend law school this upcoming fall. I plan to dedicate my life to serving and representing marginalized groups of individuals. Student government has taught me how to address issues that affect minorities and establish solutions. I have been appointed to positions that cultivated skills I hope to use in my career as an attorney.”

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