International Trade & Finance Student Awarded LSU Discover Research Grant

February 7, 2019

Abimbola Ogundare headshot

Abimbola Ogundare

BATON ROUGE – International Trade & Finance major, Abimbola Ogundare was recently awarded an LSU Discover Undergraduate Research Grant for spring 2019. We spoke with her about how she came to get into research, what her interests are and advice for other undergraduate students.

Abimbola Ogundare
San Diego, CA
Major: International Trade & Finance
Year/Expected Graduation: Senior graduating May 2019

What prompted you to apply for the Discover program?

​“I started working with Dr. Keniston, a professor in the Department of Economics, last semester as an RA and he encouraged me to apply for the Discover Grant. I looked into it and realized that most of the grant recipients come from the college of science and college of engineering and thought it was time to add a little diversity!”

What will your research be centered on?

​“I received the grant to research the correlation between the failure of the Freedman's Bank, due to risky investments and fraud, and the Black-White wealth gap that we see today. The Freedman's Bank was a bank created at the end of the Civil War to give black people a place to store their money and failed less than 10 years later in 1874. People lost a lot of money when the Bank failed and they were only able to recover a portion of the money.”

What advice do you have for students who might be interested in research?

“Do it! There are a lot of resources around campus that are here to help you get started. The LSU Discover website is a great place to start, which is how I got into contact with Dr. Keniston last semester and how I ended up receiving the grant.”

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