2019 Entrepreneurship Fellows seek Experience and Networks

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2019 Stephenson Entrepreneurship Fellows

BATON ROUGE - To be a successful entrepreneur, one must have a passion for learning – from customers, employees and even competitors. Entrepreneurship is seeing an opportunity and gathering the resources to turn a possibility into a reality. It represents the freedom to envision something new and to make it happen. It includes risk, but it also includes the reward of creating a legacy.

The LSU Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems offers the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program: a yearlong program fosters entrepreneurial-minded students by providing an intensive, high-quality educational experience to a select cohort of undergraduate and graduate students at LSU. Any LSU student may apply and fellows are chosen through a competitive application process.

Twenty-three students will be participating the in 2019-20 Fellowship Program: Gage Boullion, Paul Cassisa, Meghan Causey, Caroline Cochran, Preston Denn, Kyle Durbin, Sarah Elliot, Zack Flash, Elizabeth Garner, Elliot Greenwood, Colt Hardee, Bryan Jones, Peyton Kuhn, Charles LaGreca, Conner LeBlanc, Brianna Lopez, Chunfeng Lu, Logan Meaux, Emmaline Miller, Joshua Nwokorie, Kel Pollard, Emily Riecke and Eric Schaubmaier.

Gage Boullion is majoring in general business and minoring in entrepreneurship. He’s from Baton Rouge, LA and is anticipating graduating in spring 2022. Boullion wants to learn entrepreneur skills to apply to his current business and future business plans.

Paul Cassisa, a sophomore finance and entrepreneurship major from Baton Rouge, LA, strives to be around like-minded peers as it fuels entrepreneurial passions. He is currently the co-founder of three different companies and wants to continue being a serial-entrepreneur.

Meghan Causey is a junior seeking a degree in management with a concentration in strategic leadership and minoring in entrepreneurship from Baton Rouge, LA. She wants hands-on experience and to share her passion for entrepreneurship with others. She hopes to be a business consultant who specializes in startups and small businesses.

Caroline Cochran is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship and robotics. She is participating in the Fellowship because it offered the hands-on experience and connections she knew would help them in the future and wanted experience in another college. Cochran would like to work for a robotics company after graduation and aspires to open her own robotics company dedicated to cleaning up the environment. She also wants to stay in the Baton Rouge area to help build up elementary, middle and high school robotics programs.

Preston Denn is a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies and minoring in business, entrepreneurship and mass communications. Denn wants to meet and network with like-minded people who share a passion for entrepreneurship and would like to run and grow startups. He would also like to help other entrepreneurs as a consultant.

Kyle Durbin is a senior from Zachary, LA, earning a degree in accounting. Durbin would like to learn how to create value in the business world and plans to complete a master’s degree in accounting and will sit for the CPA exam.

Sarah Elliot, a senior ISDS and entrepreneurship major from Maringouin, LA, has dreamed of owning her own business and wants to learn more about the entrepreneurial world. Elliot wants to start her career in business and technology consulting and, one day, will maybe see a need in the world and start a business to fill it.

Zack Flash is a senior marketing major from Shreveport, LA. He wants to get a head start in a world that is constantly introducing new products and plans to pursue a job in medical sales.

Elizabeth Garner is a senior majoring in mass communications concentrating in journalism and minoring in general business. Garner wants to be around people with a business mindset and who are goal-oriented. She is deciding between handling marketing and management for a startup or running an eco-friendly store.

Elliot Greenwood is a finance major from Baton Rouge, LA and anticipates graduating in spring 2022. Greenwood joined the fellowship class to get more involved in entrepreneurship groups on campus and to network and get more knowledge to improve his business. He would like to grow his real estate investment business and later use this growth to raise a distressed asset, leveraged buyout and turnaround fund and later use that growth to become a global player in alternative investment.

Colt Hardee, a junior majoring in agribusiness and minoring in general business, wants to improve business skills, expand his network, and meet other people who share similar goals. He aspires to work his way up to an executive position in the food and beverage industry, would like to get a graduate degree in business, and later open a consulting firm.

Bryan Jones is a senior general business major who is also minoring in entrepreneurship. He joined to further his knowledge of entrepreneurship ecosystems and to gain real-world skills in interpersonal communication. Jones hopes to one day manage a consulting firm and establish a nonprofit to assist the homeless.

Peyton Kuhn will graduate in fall 2019 with a degree in mathematics and a minor in general business. Kuhn wants to step out of her comfort zone and meet individuals who inspire and motivate them to be more creative. She would like to work for a company that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and allows her to continue her education.

Charles LaGreca is a senior landscape architecture major and is minoring in fine arts. He believes the program will give him a diverse set of skills for the future. He will be pursuing a graduate degree in architecture and would like to open a design firm.

Conner LeBlanc is a JD/MBA graduate student from Baton Rouge, LA. He joined the fellowship class to gain insight into what it takes to run a business. LeBlanc will finish law school and work on his business, Project Zenith, a 360-degree video capture company.

Brianna Lopez is a senior from Baton Rouge, LA earning degrees in accounting and management concentrating in strategic leadership. Lopez is seeking to develop her professional leadership skills and get hands-on experience. She plans to pursue an MBA and CPA license and ultimately wants to be a business owner.

Chunfeng Lu is graduating in spring 2020 with a landscape architecture degree. Lu desires to learn how entrepreneurs think, as this can help him start his own business. He wants to enter into a graduate program to study business, technology and design to get more experience and hone skills to be successful in his future career.

Logan Meaux is a junior double-majoring in finance and entrepreneurship from Lake Charles, LA. Meaux saw the tremendous value to be gained in the program and is currently starting a business and wants to work with his father on other various startups.

Emmaline Miller is a junior majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship and Spanish. Miller is pursuing hands-on experience in entrepreneurship in the Baton Rouge area and plans to pursue law school to study patent law and regulatory policy. Also, she would like to work on projects in the biomolecular chemical engineering field to add to the advancement of the human condition.

Joshua Nwokorie is a general business major who is also minoring in entrepreneurship and internal audit. He heard about the program from other people and would like to learn more about entrepreneurship and get real-world experience. Nwokorie wants to grow his business, assisting students in reselling school supplies.

Kel Pollard is a junior management major concentrating in human resources. Pollard wants to meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs and grow with like-minded classmates. He plans on pursuing a career in human resources with a Fortune 100 company.

Emily Riecke is a junior management major, also earning an entrepreneurship minor. She is looking to gain hands-on experience and to meet as many connections as possible. Riecke plans on pursuing a career in management consulting but ultimately wants to own clothing boutiques.

Eric Schaubmaier is a sophomore earning degrees in finance and entrepreneurship with a minor in Italian. He wants to work with companies and get hands-on experience and would like to work in banking and investments for a few years before opening his own financial planning company in Austria or Italy. Also, he would like to invest in real estate.

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