Student Leader Profile: Walter Scott

January 25, 2019

Walter Scott headshot

Walter Scott, President of the
Beta Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.

BATON ROUGE – Walter Scott, president of the Beta Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, talks to us about the organization, opportunities for students and his favorite LSU tradition.

Walter Scott
Hometown: Sulphur, LA
Majors: Computer Science and Entrepreneurship
Year: Senior – graduating May 2020

How did you become involved with Delta Sigma Pi?

The second semester of my freshman year a representative Delta Sigma Pi gave a class talk in my accounting class. I remember thinking that I wasn’t as involved in school as I wanted to be, so I decided to go to a meet the chapter. I ended up talking to a quite a few people, even though many of them were significantly older than me, and I ended up deciding to apply. I wasn’t that involved at first because I worked so much off campus, but I ended up running for an executive position at the end of the second semester even though many people didn’t know me. I won that election and the rest is history. This really demonstrated to me the fact that you get out of an organization what you are willing to put in.

How does your organization serve students? Why should students get involved?

We serve students by offering many professional events that not only help you better yourself but help you get ready for a job. All the way from resume and time management workshops, to bringing in companies like Deloitte and Waitr (to name a couple) to give members professional advice and insights into the functioning of their companies. The professional events also offer a unique opportunity for students to engage with people from many different companies in a more intimate and relaxed setting than a career fair.

In addition to professional events, Delta Sigma Pi offers business students a very special opportunity to make lots of friends and build their networks. I didn’t really have a lot of college friends before I started getting involved with Delta Sigma Pi, but now I have hundreds. College becomes a lot easier when you’re no longer alone in your struggles. I wish wholeheartedly that every student was able to be a part of an organization like this just because of how many friends I will have for life as a result of being involved in Delta Sigma Pi.

Do you have advice for incoming students?

Get involved as soon as possible! I was lucky enough to have just happened on Delta Sigma Pi as a freshman and get involved early, but the number one thing that our members say when they are graduating is that they wish they would have joined earlier. Even if something like a professional fraternity doesn’t interest you, you will not regret getting involved in something as early in your college career as possible. In addition, even if you are a shy person (as I very much was as a freshman), becoming part of a student organization will help you break out of your shell and meet hundreds (in the case of Delta Sigma Pi) of new friends.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to our professional events this semester. We’ve been growing in the area of professional events for a few semesters now and I think this semester is really going to be big. Not just for our members, but for the business student body as a whole. We are already co-organizing events with other organizations, like the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), and opening our events to all students next semester, both things which we have never done before. In addition, we plan to have themed weeks, featuring a professional speaker night and a workshop based on that speaker. All this has me really excited to see what new things we are able to accomplish as an organization this year.

Favorite spot on campus or favorite LSU tradition?

This might sound pretty generic, but my favorite tradition at LSU is football game day. My mom is an alumna of LSU and even though I grew up in Canada for my first 10 years, my mom had taught me the fight song by the time I was two. My whole life I’ve grown up watching LSU football and dreaming of being able to come to school here, so being able to be able to take part in game days and be in the student section is really something special to me.

How will this leadership opportunity shape your career?

What I really enjoy about Delta Sigma Pi, and student organizations in general, is that as a leadership team we have a unique opportunity to be able to lead a highly motivated group of individuals and be fairly autonomous in how we do accomplish our goals. As president, I facilitate discussion about new ideas and opportunities that we may have as fraternity. Facilitating that discussion and leading everyone through the implementation of new ideas while keeping them motivated is a key skill that I will be able to use as I try to lead a business that is innovative and successful. I am an Entrepreneurship major and plan on starting my own business one day, so the experience I have here at Delta Sigma Pi will be priceless as I move on with my career.

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