Professional Sales Student Profile: Lee LeBlanc

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Lee LeBlanc  

October 24, 2018

BATON ROUGE - Gonzales-native Lee LeBlanc was one of three LSU marketing students chosen to compete in the recent University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up. LeBlanc, a senior who will graduate in December, talked with us before the competition about his aspirations and experience with the Professional Sales Institute.

Why did you choose the Professional Sales Institute?
I got involved with the Professional Sales Institute because I felt it would give me the necessary skills to become a successful salesman and business professional.

Why did you decide to compete in a sales competition?
I wanted to challenge myself and other competitors while also representing LSU. It takes a lot of work to participate in a sales competition, but it molds you into a better professional.

What does preparing for the competition entail for you?
Our preparation started weeks before the actual sales competition. It involved countless hours of role-playing with the sales team along with extensive research on the product line that we would be selling.

What do you look forward to the most about competitions?
I really look forward to the competitions because they offer an opportunity to represent the school and showcase our talents.

What do you like most about your future in sales?
The thing I enjoy most about sales is the daily interaction with many different types of people. The Professional Sales Institute gives you the experience and knowledge necessary to be a successful sales professional.

How has PSI helped you prepare for a future in sales?
The Professional Sales Institute puts you through a variety of scenarios that will present themselves in the real world. That kind of exposure can be extremely valuable and will set you apart from everyone else.

Profile by Bréana Ramsey

About the Professional Sales Institute
The Professional Sales Institute (PSI) is a partnership between LSU and industry, dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of sales knowledge and to the development of professional sales leaders. PSI offers a professional sales concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Marketing, which consists of three classes – professional sales, sales management, and a sales practicum. Another component of the PSI assists companies looking for interns and full-time professional sales employees. More information is available on our home page

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