Professional Sales Student Profile: Anderson Hutchins

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Anderson Hutchins 

October 24, 2018

BATON ROUGE - Anderson Hutchins, a graduating senior in the LSU Department of Marketing's professional sales concentration, was one of three students selected to compete in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up. Before the competition, we sat down with the Lake Charles native to learn about his thoughts on the competition and his future.

Why did you choose the Professional Sales Institute?
I learned about PSI through friends in the program. I honestly just took a chance and tried it. I quickly realized that there was great opportunity in the sales field and decided this is something I wanted to do.

Why did you decide to compete in a sales competition?
These competitions allow us to meet and network with industry-leading sales professionals while showcasing our abilities and gaining exposure to potential employers. Initially, I signed up because there were scholarship awards, but after competing in the internal sale competition last spring, I realized these events provide much more value than just an opportunity to win money.

What does preparing for the competition entail for you?
The three of us met with the director of the program, Greg Accardo, to practice role-playing and to study the product that we were going to be selling. We reviewed the sales scenarios to understand the problems and buyer's needs, how to exhibit our product, and also think about what possible objections we may have to overcome.

What do you look forward to the most about competitions?
I really enjoy the competition these events provide. By forcing you to be better than the next person, competitions make us better salespeople. We had a great team last semester with talented people that did very well. With several of us returning and being able to teach the new members how the competitions and judging work, we have a huge advantage that will make us one of the top schools attending competitions.

What do you like most about your future in sales?
It is the ability to take my career in any direction. To me, sales is one of the main requirements to be a good businessman and entrepreneur. To achieve goals, you have to be able to sell something, whether it be a product, an idea, or even yourself. One of my favorite lines is, "nothing happens in business until someone makes a sale."

How has PSI helped you prepare for a future in sales?
We have a great sales program at LSU. Greg Accardo and the members of the PSI staff give us the knowledge and tools necessary to obtain jobs and be successful in our careers. We have industry-leading technology and sale research that not all universities have access to, giving us an edge when we join the workforce.

Profile by Bréana Ramsey

About the Professional Sales Institute
The Professional Sales Institute (PSI) is a partnership between LSU and industry, dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of sales knowledge and to the development of professional sales leaders. PSI offers a professional sales concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Marketing, which consists of three classes – professional sales, sales management, and a sales practicum. Another component of the PSI assists companies looking for interns and full-time professional sales employees. More information is available on our home page.

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