LSU Professor Researches Link Between ADHD and Entrepreneurship

reginald tucker

Assistant Professor Reginald L. Tucker

December 13, 2018

BATON ROUGE - Reginald L. Tucker, assistant professor in the Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems at LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business, recently published an article in Journal of Business Venturing that examined the influence of ADHD on business start-up [Wicklund, J., Yu, W., Tucker, R., and Marino, L. D. (2017), ADHD, impulsivity and entrepreneurship, Journal of Business Venturing, 32(6), 627-656.].“It's my most cited paper and I think seminal to the Mental Health and Entrepreneurship literature stream,” says Tucker, adding “We found that ADHD did influence business start-up when impulsivity was present.”

There has been increased interest recently in how negative traits associated with mental disorders such as ADHD may have positive implications in entrepreneurship. While this research has the potential of producing important results, it is still in its infancy and consequently has received limited attention. To that end, Tucker’s study developed and tested a model that ADHD influences entrepreneurship through the multifaceted trait of impulsivity or the tendency to act on impulse rather than thought.

“Findings demonstrate that entrepreneurship is indeed a unique area where negative traits, such as ADHD, may represent valuable assets,” says Tucker. There are at least two important practice implications associated with the results. First, the results imply that individuals with ADHD symptoms may be empowered to craft their own jobs to fit their special needs. Second, the findings suggest that people with ADHD symptoms and impulsivity will tend to prefer action speed over action accuracy and that this may be functional in the context of entrepreneurship.

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