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The only change in either degree program is the awarding of concurrent credit. A student will have the option of pursuing parallel degree programs with common areas of study. A student will be required initially to complete either the first year at the law school or the first year at the business school.

A student who wishes to first pursue law may choose to complete either the first or the first and second (i.e. “freshman” and “junior”) years of law school before completing the first year of the business school’s MBA program. Following completion of the first year of the MBA program, the student would follow a combined curriculum of law and business school courses. Students should note that they must complete Evidence (LAW 5605) before being allowed to enroll in Trial Advocacy (LAW 5608), which is conducted over a three-day period one week before the fall semester of the third year.

A student who wishes to first pursue the MBA curriculum at the business school would complete the first year at the business school followed by the first year of law school. The student would then pursue both law and business courses toward completion of the final requirements of each program.

Course Hours
BADM 7010 The Practice of Business 4
BADM 7020 Managerial Statistics 3
BADM 7030 Understanding Financial Information 3
BADM 7050 Information Systems 3
BADM 7060 Elements of Cost Management 3
BADM 7070 Understanding Behavior in Organizations 3
BADM 7090 Financial Management 3
BADM 7100 Marketing Administration 3
BADM 7120 Operations Management 3
BADM 7190 Managing Sources of Competitive Advantage 3
BADM 7200 Economic Environment of the Firm 3
General Electives 6
Total 40


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