Flex MBA Specializations | Flores MBA Program

Executive MBA Flex



Flores Executive MBA Flex candidates can choose from three specializations:


The analytics specialization covers the three major components: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Students complete hands-on projects to gain highly sought-after analytics skills. Those adding a fourth course can qualify for a Certificate in Analytics.

Analytics Courses:

  • ISDS 7301 Analytics I
  • ISDS 7302 Analytics II
  • ISDS 7303 Analytics III
  • ISDS 7304 Analytics IV

For more information, contact the MBA Analytics Specialization advisor, Helmut Schneider, or call 225-578-2516.

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology Courses:

  • BADM 7401 Cybersecurity
  • BADM 7402 AI for Business
  • BADM 7403 Cloud Strategy
  • BADM 7900 Project Management

For more information, contact the MBA Emerging Technology Specialization advisor, Dana Hart, or call 225-578-8867.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management Courses:

  • BADM 7270 Healthcare Leadership & Governance
  • PADM 7610 Healthcare Organizations and Finance 
  • ECON 4421 Healthcare Economics
  • ISDS 7301 Analytics I

For more information, contact the MBA Healthcare Management Specialization advisor, Dana Hart, or call 225-578-8867.