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Judith Anne Garretson Folse
Professor, Co-Director of Graduate Studies PhD Program, Director of Digital Marketing Programs
Department of Marketing
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Courtney Szocs
Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies -- PhD Programs
Department of Marketing
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PhD Marketing

The PhD program in business administration with a specialization in marketing is designed to produce collegial scholars for academic careers in research, teaching, and service at universities. A strong emphasis is placed on research and a collaborative research environment. The department has a (1) state-of-the-art behavioral research lab housed in the Business Education Complex where faculty and students can conduct their research and (2) a large undergraduate student subject pool used for academic research studies. Doctoral students receive opportunities to participate in research projects beginning during their first semester of the program and continue to work closely with fellow doctoral students and faculty members on various research projects targeted for conference and journal publication while they are in the program.


The program is year-round (fall, spring, and summer) for full-time study.  Students should plan on spending two academic years (fall and spring) to complete course work and devote summer terms to advance their research with fellow doctoral students and faculty members. Upon completion of major marketing course work, students must pass a written comprehensive (qualifying) exam and an oral exam. Each PhD candidate is also required to design, implement, and complete an original dissertation under the supervision of a marketing faculty member.

Learning Objectives

  • Have command of major theoretical and conceptual issues identified in marketing seminars.
  • Have command of topic literature search and synthesis.
  • Have command of design and execution of academic marketing research.
  • Execute an academic marketing research project and write a cogent paper on this topic.


The department believes in the importance of strong, cooperative student cohorts; consequently, a new cohort of approximately 3-5 doctoral students is typically admitted every other fall semester. Applications are to be submitted through the LSU Graduate School by December 31 the year prior to a fall semester admittance, reviewed by faculty in January, and selected students are admitted in August. The entry to the next cohort is anticipated in the fall of 2021.

Admission is based on a number of factors, including the applicant's record, standardized admission test scores, a commitment to an intellectually demanding program of study, letters of recommendation, the applicant's overall standing compared with other students, and the vacancies in the program in a given year. The profile of a successful applicant typically includes: a grade point average of at least 3.4 in the most recently completed 60 hours of work, a GMAT score in excess of 600, and strong recommendations from at least three individuals who have had the opportunity to observe the applicant's interest, ability, and commitment to a career of scholarship. The reported GMAT should have been taken within the previous 5 years.​ 

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Financial Assistance

Graduate assistantships and tuition waivers are generally awarded to all students accepted into the program and may be renewed for four consecutive years. Because students are encouraged to collaborate on research projects throughout the PhD program, the department offers financial support for students to present research papers accepted at national conferences.


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