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Aaron Matthew Gleiberman
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Department of Marketing
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BS Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes that performs customer needs analysis, executes product/services design, devises branding strategy, establishes pricing, accomplishes promotion, and creates the distribution systems, all while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Opportunities in Marketing

Areas: Sales/Management, Retailing, Advertising, Buying, Planning/Research, Brand/Product Management

Employers: ​Retail Establishments, Service Industries, Financial Institutions, Energy Companies, Insurance Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Consumer Product Companies, Manufacturers

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BS in Marketing

The bachelor of marketing is a 120-hour program with several learning objectives for students:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of market segmentation and targeting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of consumer behavior
  • Demonstrate an understanding of marketing research and ethical considerations in marketing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relationship management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategic planning
  • Demonstrate an understanding of global marketing

The department offers the Internship in Marketing Program​ by which students are able to earn up to six hours of course credit for practical work experience.

Concentrations Available to Marketing Majors

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