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BS - Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing Advising Questions 

No, we include all sections that will be offered in the initial schedule.

Yes, the Department of Marketing offers a concentration in Professional Sales.

Yes, but check out the marketing FAQs first as you may find the answer to your question there.

You need a minimum of 9 semester hours, or 3 marketing courses in addition to the required marketing courses.

First, check the Tiger Transfer Tables through the LSU website to see if the course you plan to enroll in is listed there and what is the equivalent to it at LSU. If the course is not listed on the Tiger Transfer Table, you will want to gather as much information about the course as you can and schedule an appointment with the marketing undergraduate advisor to discuss the potential course equivalent at LSU. if the course is from an international institution, you will need to obtain a PACE form from the Academic Programs Abroad office for the advisor to sign. All business majors who intend to enroll at another institution must obtain permission in advance from their academic counselor in the Office of Business Student Success.

Please schedule an appointment with an academic counselor in the Office of Business Student Success. The counselor will review a degree audit with you and discuss remaining degree requirements for this major.

It is best to look at alternative options via your myLSU scheduling link. If sections are available, you should make the changes on your own as we cannot accommodate students' personal schedule requests when sections are full.

Bring your degree audit and schedule for this semester to the marketing undergraduate advisor as early as possible.

Personnel assignments are tentative and finalized after the schedule is published. If you are able to make the change on your own via your myLSU scheduling link, you should do so as we cannot accommodate your request when classes are full.

You may request to take a proficiency exam to validate your learning of MKT 3401. Contact the marketing advisor for details.

You need 6 hours that are related to marketing. A department approved elective may be:

    • marketing course
    • business course
    • from the following list
    • one that you request by petition to take by contacting the chair of the marketing department

*ACCT3+++, AGEC 3213, AGEC 3413, AGEC 4203, ANTH 2051, BADM 3+++, BLAW 3+++, CMST 2010, CMST 2060, CMST 2061, CMST 2064, CMST 3060, CMST 3114, ECON 3+++, ENGL 2002, EXST 2201, EXST 2215, EXST 3201, EXST 4012, FIN 3+++, GBUS 3+++, HUEC 2045, HUEC 3042, HUEC 3043, HUEC 3045,INTL 3991-3996, ISDS 3+++, MGT 3+++, MKT 3+++, MC 2020, MC 2525, MC 3018, MC 3030, MC 3031, MC 3038, MC 4031, MC 4032, MC 4033, MC 4034, MC 4040, MC 4045, PHIL 2018, PHIL 2020, PSYC 2040, PSYC 3030, PSYC 3050, PSYC 3140, SOCL 2411, SOCL 2505, SOCL 3101, SOCL 4331, SOCL 4341, SOCL 4401, and any modern foreign language course 2+++ (does not include appreciation or culture where command of the language is not required). 

This is a course where you and a marketing Instructor agree on the scope and nature of the work to be completed over the course of the semester or term. You will work independently under the direction of this instructor, and the course is graded as pass/fail. Students who are approved to enroll in this course will have it added to their schedule by the department.

The core courses required for marketing majors are MKT 3401, MKT 3411, MKT 3413, and MKT 4451.

MKT 3401, MKT 3411, and MKT 3410 are typically offered every summer, in addition, one elective marketing course may be offered as well. MKT 3401 and MKT 3410 may be offered during intersessions. Check Course Offerings in the Schedule Booklet for course options.

Marketing courses are not typically offered in the evenings. Depending on faculty assignment and availability, one or two evening sections may be taught in a given semester.

College Advising Questions

Please visit to schedule an appointment. Appointments are held in person in the Office of Business Student Success located in 2000 Business Education Complex. You MUST have your student ID when you arrive for the appointment. It is important that you show up on time; appointments are every 20 minutes. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 225-578-3211 as soon as possible as a courtesy to the academic counselor, as well as your fellow students.

Contact the Office of Business Student Success to speak with your academic counselor as soon as possible by phone or email.

You will have earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Your major will not be printed on your diploma; majors, concentrations, and minors earned are listed on your official transcript.

Students may print out a “Good Student Discount” certificate via their myLSU account. There are other options available 24/7 via myLSU under the "Student Services" selection: 1) Enrollment verification certificates. 2) Enrollment history. 3) Check deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to lenders. 4) List of student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information.

Requirements and GPA

No. You must meet the minimum GPA requirement for your major at the time of admission; we do not round up. Each major has a minimum requirement GPA for the overall, business, and LSU averages. There is no probationary admission.

  • All - ENGL 1001 and 2000 (ENGL 1004 and 1005 for international students) must be a "C-" or better.
  • All - ACCT 2001, ECON 2000, ISDS 1102, MATH 1021, and MATH 1431 require a "C-" or better to be admitted to the college.
  • Finance Majors also require a "C-" or better in ACCT 2001
  • ISDS majors require a "C- or better in 3107, 3110, 3200, and 4112 to be used as prerequisites.
  • Accounting majors require a "C-" or better in all core courses for the major as well as their 4000 level accounting elective.

The number of hours assigned to a course is multiplied by the numerical value of the grade to determine total quality points. The total quality points are then divided by the total number of hours to determine the GPA. Quality points are assigned as follows: A+=4.3, A=4.0, A-=3.7 B+=3.3, B=3.0, B-=2.7 C+=2.3, C=2.0, C-=1.7 D+=1.3, D=1.0, D-=0.7 F=0.

Ps do not compute in your GPA.

W's do not compute in your GPA. LSU students are limited in the number of courses from which they can withdraw during their academic career. You may check your W status via your myLSU account.

Students may apply for admission to the E. J. Ourso College of Business after the successful completion of 30 semester hours of coursework, including the pre-business core: ACCT 2001, ECON 2000, ISDS 1102, MATH 1021 & 1431, and ENGL 1001. Students must earn "C-" or higher in pre-business core courses. Students must also meet the minimum GPA requirement for their desired major. Please see admissions for more detailed information.

A business deficit is when your GPA in business courses (cumulative or LSU) falls below 2.0. The deficit system works the same as the overall quality point deficit. 

If a student has a quality point deficit, this means that his or her GPA is below the average required to graduate. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirement for their major; each degree program has minimum requirements for the overall, business, and LSU averages.

Registration and Scheduling

In most cases, our academic counselors in the Office of Business Student Success have the signature authority as the dean. You must schedule an appointment with an academic counselor for any issues requiring permission of the dean. Please visit to schedule an appointment.

While there is no guarantee you will get into a full class, the best option is to utilize the Waitlist System. If a course you wish to take does not have seats available at the time of registration, be sure to add your name to the waitlist through the Schedule Request application via myLSU. If a seat becomes available, you will automatically be added to the class.

Students with 45 or more hours may schedule ACCT 3001, FIN 3716, ISDS 3115, MGT 3200, and MKT 3401 provided they meet all prerequisites. Students with less than 60 hours who want to take another 3000-level business course must speak to the departmental faculty advisor.

Yes. Students may enroll in MGT 3830 after they have earned 92 hours and met course pre-requisites. MGT 3830 is a capstone course intended for students in their senior year.

No. Students are responsible for the prerequisites as listed in the latest catalog. Students with questions about prerequisites should contact the department offering the course.

Unfortunately, ECON 2030 is for non-business majors only. Students who earned credit in ECON 2030 and subsequently changed their major to business, must earn credit in ECON 2000 with a "C-" or better and ECON 2010.


You may not minor in business administration as a business major; however, the college offers a number of other minors. To view a list of minors please visit the minors page on the OBSS website.


  • If you are a current LSU student requesting an evaluation of transfer credit already earned:
    • You may submit an online evaluation request form to the Office of Enrollment Management via Completion of the evaluation form will allow you to indicate the transfer course(s) you would like to have evaluated by LSU faculty. Once the form is submitted, you should monitor your degree audit for changes.
  • If you are a current LSU student seeking an evaluation of a transfer course you plan to take in the future:
    • First check the Tiger Transfer Tables
    • If the course you want to take is not on the tables, you may request an evaluation of credit by using the online form found here: Continuing students seeking pre-approval will receive an emailed response from the Office of Enrollment Management once the evaluation is complete.
    • Business majors are required to obtain permission from their academic counselor in the Office of Business Student Success prior to taking a course elsewhere. Students may email their counselor at with course information in order to request permission.

The evaluation link above is for transfer credit earned in or to be taken in the United States. Students needing international coursework evaluated should contact the academic department directly, and students seeking approval for Academic Programs Abroad must obtain a PACE form from the APA Office in lieu of submitting this online form.

This process is only to determine if an LSU equivalent of your transfer course exists but does not guarantee acceptance toward your specific degree program. The applicability of transfer coursework toward a particular degree can only be determined by the college offering the major. You should consult with your academic counselor for verification of this, along with other regulations that may apply. You must meet with a counselor in the Office of Business Student Success to obtain final permission.


Not if you are currently enrolled in on-campus courses at LSU. If you are not currently enrolled, you may take up to 12 hours of LSU Distance Learning total. These courses are limited to six hours of general education courses and six hours of free electives.

Yes. We encourage our students to seek opportunities for real-world learning. Each department has a faculty member assigned to oversee internship opportunities. The job experience must meet specific requirements as set forth by the department, please check with your departmental advisor for this information prior to starting an internship.