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Judith Anne Garretson Folse
Professor, Co-Director of Graduate Studies PhD Program, Director of Digital Marketing Programs
Department of Marketing
2111 Business Education Complex South
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Digital Marketing Concentration

It will equip students with the practical knowledge and skillsets necessary to succeed in the growing and in-demand professions of digital and social media marketing. 

The concentration includes exposure to digital marketing content distribution platforms, such as Twitter, lnstagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Additionally, students will gain experience with digital marketing campaign organizational tools and software, such as Hubspot, Google Analytics, and other data-centric platforms for the rollout of a digital or social media campaign. Students will be able to integrate their knowledge of promotions, marketing research, consumer behavior, and statistics that can inform marketing strategies, tasks, and decisions.

To satisfy the requirement of the Digital Marketing Concentration, students must complete MKT 3421, MKT 3501, and MKT 4440. Course descriptions are provided below.

MKT 3421. Marketing Communications: Promotions I (3). Prerequisites: MKT 3401. Advanced treatment of marketing communication topics and considerations for integrated marketing campaigns, with a focus on digital mediums

MKT 3501. Data Analytics I (3). Prerequisites: MKT 3401. Introduction to marketing analytics with a focus on the processes, techniques, and tools used in the acquisition, management, and mining of marketing data. 

MKT 4440. Digital Marketing Practicum | (3). Prerequisites: MKT 3401, MKT 3421, and/or permission of the department. An in-depth look at the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a digital marketing campaign, with an emphasis on social media tools and platforms.