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Real Estate Research Institute

Frequently Asked Questions


The LSU Real Estate Research Institute teams up with the Commercial Investment Division of the Baton Rouge Association of Realtors each April for the annual Baton Rouge Trends Seminar. Real estate data and more information is available at Trends.

We only offer courses for registered LSU students who have obtained Junior status or higher.

  • FIN 3351 Real Estate Principles
  • FIN 3352 Real Estate Valuation
  • FIN 3353 Real Estate Finance
  • FIN 3354 Special Topics in Real Estate
  • FIN 3930 Internship
  • FIN 7300 Graduate Real Estate Principles
  • FIN 7310 Graduate Real Estate Finance
  • FIN 7320 Graduate Real Estate Special Topics
  • FIN 7930 Graduate Internship