Mo wins European Finance Association Award

Haitao Mo Headshot

Haitao Mo

September 20, 2019

Haitao Mo, assistant professor in the Department of Finance, co-authored a paper that won the 2019 Spängler IQAM Best Paper in Investments Prize from the European Finance Association (EFA).

Which Factors?, was written by Mo as well as Kewei Hou from The Ohio State University and China Academy of Financial Research, Chen Xue from the University of Cincinnati, and Lu Zhang from The Ohio State University and National Bureau of Economic Research.

Factor models are the core driving forces behind modern investment management and recent industry developments such as ETFs. While Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is a classical example, many different models have been proposed recently, pioneered by the q-factor and q5 models which are developed by the same set of authors.

In the award-winning paper, the authors showed that those recently proposed, seemingly different factor models are closely related. In spanning tests, the q-factor model largely subsumes the Fama–French five- and six-factor models, and the q5 model subsumes the Stambaugh–Yuan four-factor model. Further, Stambaugh–Yuan “mispricing” factors are sensitive to the construction procedure, and once replicated via the traditional approach, are close to the q-factors, with correlations of 0.8 and 0.84. Finally, consistent with the investment-based asset pricing theory, valuation theory predicts a positive relation between the expected investment and the expected return.

The 2019 Spängler IQAM Best Paper Prize was awarded at the EFA Annual Meeting for the best paper on investment published in the journal of the European Finance Association, the Review of Finance. The prize-winning paper is selected by the Editorial Board of the journal.

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