Commercial Real Estate Track

Commercial Real Estate


The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Career Track prepares students for lucrative and rewarding career paths in brokerage/sales, development, property management, asset management, private investment, and many other paths within this exciting field.

Students are encouraged to participate in the CRE Cohort from their freshman year and will receive a student membership in the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), allowing them access to programs, mentorships, scholarships, internships, certificate programs, and more.

Engaged students will have the chance to attend industry conferences across the country and participate in CRE events within the region.

Finally, this program promotes interaction between students and professionals so that students can learn about potential career paths from those already in the industry.

Core Courses

Course Description
FIN 3716 Principles of Finance
FIN 3717 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
FIN 3826 Fundamentals of Asset Management
FIN 4820 Financial Modeling and Analytics
FIN 4830 Financial Statement Analysis


Commercial Real Estate Track Electives

Course Description
FIN 3351 Principles of Real Estate
FIN 3352 Real Estate Investment and Valuation
FIN 3353 Real Estate Finance
FIN 4354 Real Estate Development