Commercial Banking Track

Commercial Banking


The Commercial Banking Career Track is a set of specially designed electives and activities that will expose students to careers in commercial banking and prepare them for rewarding careers based on their interests. The commercial banking industry will be heavily involved with the program to ensure that materials and experiences are current and relevant to the field. Events, competitions, and other activities will allow students to engage with banking professionals; industry involvement is critical for the success of the program and development of our students. 

Freshman Year (or year of entry) and all years thereafter

  • Become a student member of the Risk Management Association or other industry group (an “industry student membership”)
  • Participate in CBCT activities
  • Volunteer at one CBCT conference or industry event
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA

Sophomore Year

  • Enter CBCT Mentorship Portal – Students will be matched with industry professionals and upper class students as mentors to help students understand the business of commercial banking and its potential as a career path.

Junior Year

  • Take finance electives specially designed for the CBCT
  • Enter CBCT Internship Portal – Students will be prepared for summer internships through coursework and seminars, culminating in a selection process that matches students with internship employers.
  • Begin commercial banking research for the Department of Finance

Senior Year

  • Continue finance electives specially designed for the CBCT
  • Enter CBCT Career Portal - Students will be prepared for career choices through coursework and seminars and assisted with career decision making.
  • Continue commercial banking research

Other opportunities available through the program

Core Courses

Course Description
FIN 3716 Principles of Finance
FIN 3717 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
FIN 3826 Fundamentals of Asset Management
FIN 4820 Financial Modeling and Analytics
FIN 4830               Financial Statement Analysis

Commercial Banking Track Electives

Course Description
FIN 3636            Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 3632 Bank Administration
FIN 3610 Credit Essentials
FIN 3460 Risk Management