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About Us


The LSU Economics & Policy Research Group was recently formed out of the LSU Division of Economic Development to build on and expand our capacity to carry out high-quality applied economics research here at LSU. We are an applied economics research group based in the Department of Economics with full-time faculty and staff dedicated to externally funded research.

While economic development related research remains an important part of our work, our portfolio of applied economics research has grown to include topics in labor, health, and the environment. In all of our work, we use economic principles and state-of-the-art methods to inform public policy and business decisions. We provide in-depth analysis to address real-world problems at the intersection of economics and policy.

Our research sponsors include state and federal government as well as non-governmental organizations and industry associations. Our projects include economic impact studies, program evaluations, economic forecasting, and a broad range of economics research assessing the impact of potential policies. We have experience collecting and analyzing survey data, working with confidential or proprietary data maintained by research sponsors, as well as development of new hybrid methods that can supplement existing data sources with new primary data collected to answer specific questions.​​​​​