Thomas Greckhamer

Thomas Greckhamer

Catherine M. Rucks Professor of Management
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies-PhD Program, Rucks Department of Management
2715 Business Education Complex North
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-6156
Fax: 225-578-6140


  • PhD Management, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, 2005
  • MA International Business, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, Austria, 1999
  • MA Business Administration, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz, Austria, 1999


  • Teaching Interests: Strategic Management, Research Methods
  • Research Interests: Strategic Management, Research Methods

Selected Research Publications

  • Cilesiz, S. and Greckhamer, T. (2020). Methodological socialization and identity in doctoral education: A bricolage study of pathways toward qualitative research. Organizational Research Methods, Online First.
  • Gupta, K., Crilly, D., and Greckhamer, T. (2020). Stakeholder Engagement Strategies, National Institutions, and Firm Performance: A Configurational Perspective. Strategic Management Journal, 41, 1869-1900.
  • Greckhamer, T. and Cilesiz, S. (2020). The extension of strategic management discourse into public education administration: A critical analyis. Organization, Online First.
  • Cilesiz, S. and Greckhamer, T. (2020). Qualitative Comparative Analysis in education research: Its current status and future potential. Review of Research in Education, 44, 332-369.
  • Furnari, S., Crilly, D., Misangyi, V., Greckhamer, T., Fiss, P., and Aguilera, R. (2020). Capturing causal complexity: Heuristics for configurational theorizing. Academy of Management Review, Online First.
  • Greckhamer, T. and Gur, F.. Disentangling combinations and contingencies of generic strategies: A set-theoretic configurational approach. Long Range Planning, 54(2), 1-18.
  • Gur, F. Amil and Greckhamer, T. (2019). 'Know thy enemy': A review and agenda for research on competitor identification. Journal of Management, 45(5), 2072-2100.
  • Greckhamer, T., Furnari, S., Fiss, P., and Aguilera, R. (2018). Studying configurations with qualitative comparative analysis: Best practices in strategy and organization research. Strategic Organization, 16(4), 482-495.
  • Misangyi, V., Greckhamer, T., Furnari, S., Fiss, P., Crilly, D., and Aguilera, R. (2017). Embracing Causal Complexity: The Emergence of a Neo-Configurational Perspective. Journal of Management, 43(1), 255-282.
  • Greckhamer, T. (2016). CEO compensation in relation to worker compensation across countries: The configurational impact of country-level institutions. Strategic Management Journal, 37, 793-815.
  • Greckhamer, T. and Cilesiz, S. (2014). Rigor, transparency, evidence, and representation in discourse analysis: Challenges and recommendations. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 13, 422-443.
  • Greckhamer, T., Misangyi, V., and Fiss, P. (2013). The two QCAs: From a Small-N to a Large-N Set-Theoretic Approach. 58, 51-77.
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  • Misangyi, V. F, Elms, H., Greckhamer, T., and LePine, J. A (2006). A new perspective on a fundamental debate: A multi-level approach to industry, corporate, and business-unit effects. Strategic Management Journal, 27(6), 571-590.
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  • Koro-Ljungberg, M. and Greckhamer, T. (2005). Strategic turns labeled 'ethnography': From description to openly ideological production of cultures. Qualitative Research, 5(3), 285-306.
  • Tosi, H. L. and Greckhamer, T. (2004). Culture and CEO compensation. Organization Science, 15(6), 657-670.


  • Greckhamer, T. (2019). Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Organizational Research In Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Richard Williams and Alex Cernat (Ed.), Sage Research Methods Foundations
  • Greckhamer, T. (2017). Critical approaches to qualitative research In Mir, R. & Jain, S. (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to Qualitative Research in Organization Studies (pp. 40-55). New York: Routledge.
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Professional and Service Activities

  • Policy Committee, Committee Member (August 1, 2012 - July 31, 2020)
  • Organizational Research Methods, Editorial Review Board Member (February, 2013 - February, 2016)
  • College of Business Tenure & Promotion Committee, Committee Member (August, 2020)
  • LSU Graduate Council, Committee Member (September, 2019)
  • Group & Organization Management, Editorial Review Board Member (July, 2014)
  • Strategic Organization, Editorial Review Board Member (January, 2021)
  • Organizational Research Methods, Editor, Associate Editor (February, 2016)
  • Journal of Management, Editorial Review Board Member (January, 2021)

Employed by LSU since

August 15, 2005