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Richard G. Stahl
Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Economics
2308 Business Education Complex South
Telephone: 225-578-3793


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Charles H. Roussel
Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Economics
2304 Business Education Complex South
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Offered by the LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Total Semester Hours - 120

To graduate with a minor in economics, students in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences must complete economics 2030 (or 2000 and 2010), 2035, 4720, 4710, and six additional hours in economics.

Students majoring in economics in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences are required to take economics 2000, 2010, 2035, 4720, and 4710. Other economics courses (at least 30 semester hours required for the major) must be chosen with the advice and approval of the Humanities & Social Sciences advisor in the Department of Economics. If graduate study in economics is anticipated, it is strongly recommended that the calculus sequence consisting of MATH 1550, 1552, and 2085 be taken.

Empirical Economic Analysis Concentration - required (9 hours) - ECON 4630, ECON 4631, ECON 4633

Freshman Classes

Courses Hours
Economics 2000, 2010 6
English 1001 3
Foreign language courses
Mathematics 1021 3
General education natural sciences (two semesters lecture sequence with corresponding labs) 8-9
Approved history elective 3
Total 31-33

Sophomore Classes

Courses Hours
Economics 2035 3
English 2000 3
Foreign language courses 8-6
Mathematics 1431 3
General education life of natural scienes (one semester lecture in alternative science) 3
Approved history elective 3
Approved literature courses 6
Experimental statistics 2201 3
Approved elective  0-2
Total 34-32


Junior Classes

Courses Hours
Economics 4710, 4720 6
Aprpoved economics electives 3
General education arts course 3
Genderal education humanities course (other than English or foreign language) 3
Genderal education social sciences course 3
Approved electives 8
Approved social sciences courses (other than history or economics) 3
Total 29


Senior Classes

Courses Hours
Approved economics electives 9
General education humanities course 3
Approved social sciences courses (6 hours in two fields other than history or economics) 6
Approved electives 9
Total 27

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