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Strategic Initiatives

Build Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships build the financial resources and intellectual capital that allow the college to offer top educational and research programs, while providing the corporate partner a substantial return on its investment in the graduates they hire. The college will engage our corporate partners in developing joint case studies based on real-world business solutions. A new initiative, dubbed LSUx, offers faculty-led research teams that attack, analyze, and solve a pressing business problem for a corporate partner. If appropriate, an LSUx team can be expanded to include membership from other colleges such as engineering, law, and science.

Energize Business

In Louisiana, energy is the lifeblood of the state’s economy. To better meet the future needs of the changing economy and the needs of the state, the college commits itself to a new strategic initiative, Energize Business. The initiative will provide unique and expanded programs designed to support the energy and petrochemical sectors, as well as make our business graduates more competitive for employment in energy-related careers. These programs include the formation of an undergraduate energy minor, a specialization within the Flores MBA Program, and joint course offerings with other LSU colleges.

Foster Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

We serve as the gateway to LSU in assisting outside organizations with fostering industrial growth, creating new investments, and building a robust workforce. The college offers a number of options for students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship education. Students in the newly launched BS in Entrepreneurship must pair this degree with any other bachelor's degree offered by LSU. A minor in entrepreneurship, elective courses and the  Entrepreneurship Fellows program are open to any LSU student. We have also re-engineered our Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences into the new Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems, which will increase our research and teaching capacities in business analytics, entrepreneurship, economic development, and emerging business technologies.

Economics & Policy Research Group Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute

Sharpen Competitive Edges

We must build upon our strengths. The college possesses several programs that are nationally prominent, fill growing needs of business, and help to better prepare our students for exciting careers. Each of these will receive increased support and emphasis in order to build upon its reputation as a leader in its field and set an example for all of our college activities to emulate. These programs are: the Center for Internal Auditing, the Master of Science in Analytics program, the Professional Sales Institute, LSU Initiative for Government and Public Policy, and the Real Estate Research Institute.

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