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Internal Audit Minor

To graduate with a minor in internal audit, undergraduate students must complete 15 hours consisting of the following courses:

Nine hours of required internal audit courses

Course Description
ACCT 3233 Internal Audit I
ACCT 4233 Case Studies Section 1
ACCT 4234 Internal Audit II


Six additional hours to be chosen from following courses:

Course Description
ACCT 3122 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 3222 Theory of Internal Auditing
ACCT 4235 Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting
ACCT 4237 Governance, Risk and Control
ACCT 4244 Audit Analytics
ACCT 4333 Internship
ISDS 3100 Management Information Resources
ISDS3110 Database Process Management
ISDS 4113 Project Management
ISDS 4141 Introduction to Data Mining
TBA Faculty approved elective


Students must have a 2.0 GPA in the courses used to satisfy the minor. At least nine semester hours must be taken on this campus.