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LSU was endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors as the Pilot School in 1985 to develop an innovative educational program in internal auditing. Today the LSU CIA is a center in the IIA Internal Audit Education Partnership Program. The program recruits students from many different business and non-business majors.

The LSU CIA program, considered to be the premier internal auditing program in the world, is a unique, dynamic educational program.

  • The objectives of the program are for students to enhance career development, and receive internships, as well as full-time jobs.
  • The program is available to any LSU student in any major and has grown with an increased emphasis on international diversity and non-business students.
  • It provides training to graduate and undergraduate students for developing an understanding about the internal auditing profession.
  • The LSU CIA program consists of three to five courses with an emphasis in internal auditing. Students must take a minimum of three/four courses to be considered as qualifying for the specialization designation. The program begins in January and ends in December.
  • Several departments within the college offer a concentration in Internal Auditing, including ISDS, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, MBA and Environmental Management.

The program has an optional, yet highly recommended, internship program. Each summer 60-80 students work on internal audit staffs in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, Charlotte, Memphis, Houston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, etc. A few of these internships involve international travel. The center has placed over 2,300 students in internships.

Several departments have differing course requirements for an internal auditing specialization. Students should consult with their department for specifics.