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You may request a copy of your academic record at any time. Transcripts can be delivered to you or to a third-party, such as an employer or to another university. You have two delivery options available. You may: request your transcript to be sent electronically; OR request your transcript to be printed on security paper, sealed in a secure envelope, and mailed to the third party.

How can I request a transcript?

  • Current students may use myLSU.
  • In person. Come directly to the Office of the University Registrar, 112 Thomas Boyd Hall, with a valid picture ID.
  • By mail, fax, or scan/email to using the form(s) found below.

For an official electronic transcript:

To request an electronic secure pdf of a transcript, please complete the form below. You may mail, fax, or scan/email to this office (

Electronic Transcript Form

Note: Please understand that transcripts prior to 1985 cannot be transmitted electronically. Additionally, electronic transcripts will not be delivered to e-mail addresses with the LSU domain ( Your request must be signed with a handwritten signature or submitted with photo ID.

For official hard-copy transcript:

To request a hard-copy transcript, please complete the form below. You may mail, fax, or scan/email to this office ( Your request must be signed with a handwritten signature or submitted with photo ID.

Hard-Copy Transcript Form

Need your transcript sent with an attachment?

Our office does send transcripts to Central Application Services (such as: NursingCAS, AMCAS, CASPA, LSAC etc.) on your behalf. You may mail, fax, or scan/email a hard copy transcript request form and your matching form to our office (

AMCAS and LSAC do allow electronic submissions as well. If you would like your transcript to be sent electronically to these services, please fill out the electronic transcript request form and mail, fax, or scan/email the request form along with your matching form to our office (

Note: If you are currently enrolled, please do not use myLSU for your hard-copy transcript request to a Central Application Service. This will cause your transcript to be mailed without the attachment. Also, if you are sending your transcript electronically to LSAC  or AMCAS through myLSU, please scan/email your matching form ASAP to informing our office that you have already requested for it to be sent electronically through your myLSU.

Need your hard-copy transcript sent overnight?

You may request to have a transcript sent overnight by providing us with a FedEx account number. You may obtain a FedEx account from After you have your account number, please fill out the official HARD-COPY request form, providing your FedEx account number in the appropriate space. You may send your request to the fax number listed on the form or scan/email it to On your request, please ensure that the following information is provided: Name, LSUID/SSN, Date of Birth, approximate last year of attendance (or correspondence course for which you are awaiting a grade), a physical address to which transcripts are being sent (FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes), a contact telephone number at the destination, your nine-digit FedEx account number and your signature.

The Office of Bursar Operations places holds on the release of transcripts of students who are in debt to the University. Please be aware that if there is a “Bursar Hold” on your transcript, and you choose to pay what you owe the University via myLSU using a credit card, it may take up to 48 hours to clear your account and to lift the hold. For questions, you may contact the Office of Bursar Operations at 225-578-3357.

Note: Your first two transcript copies per day are free. Additional copies are $5 each. If you are requesting more than two copies, please include a check or money order made to LSU for the appropriate amount.