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Regional Workshop Series

Since 2008, the LSU Department of Accounting has hosted an annual Regional Workshop Series, in addition to our regular research workshop series. The Regional Workshop has invited well known accounting academics who have produced seminal work, or had editorial appointments to major journals. The format of the workshop consisted of a morning research session for PhD students and interested faculty, followed by a luncheon. In the afternoon, a working paper workshop was followed by a reception. Schools nearby LSU were invited to attend the one day event including Tulane, Louisiana Tech University, Southern University, University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Mississippi State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, University of New Orleans, Loyola University – New Orleans, as well as faculty and PhD students from other departments in the E. J. Ourso College of Business.

The Regional Workshop Series takes place at the Business Education Complex in room 1220.

Event Details

Speaker Bio
Xiumin Martin

Xiumin Martin
Professor of Accounting
Olin Business School
Washington University in St. Louis

picture of Bharat Sarath

Bharat Sarath
Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance
Professor of Accounting, Rutgers, State University, New Jersey

The API and the Design of Experiments
When do managers tell the truth about Bargain Purchase Gains

Jeffrey Hoopes headshot

Jeffrey Hoopes
Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Strategic Subsidiary Disclosure

Ted Christensen

Ted Christensen
Director and Terry Distinguished Chair of Business, J. M. Tull School of Accounting
University of Georgia

Non-GAAP Earnings for Contracting and Financial Disclosure

Mark DeFond headshot
Mark DeFond
A.N. Mosich Chair in Accounting, Professor of Accounting, Senior Editor of The Accounting Review
University of Southern California

Some Controversies in Auditing Literature
Richard Hatfield headshot
Richard Hatfield
Ernst and Young Professor of Accounting, editor of BRIA and editorial board member of AJPT
University of Alabama

Staff Auditors’ Proclivity for Computer Mediated Communication with Clients and its Effect on Skeptical Behavior
Dan Dhaliwal headshot
Dan Dhaliwal
Accounting Department Head, Frances McClelland Endowed Chair, former editor of TAR, editorial board member of JAR
University of Arizona

Accrual Accounting and Access to External Funds: Evidence from Small Businesses
S.P. Kothari headshot
S.P. Kothari
Gordon Y Billard Professor of Accounting and Finance, Head of the Department of Economics, Finance, and Accounting at the MIT Sloan School of Management, global head of equity research for Barclays Global Investors, editor of JAE.

The Effect of Borrower Transparency on Bank Competition, Risk-taking and Bank Fragility
Zoe-Vonna Palmrose headshot
Zoe-Vonna Palmrose
Kermit O. Hanson Professor in Business Administration, Deputy Chief Accountant of the SEC, editorial board member of TAR, and AJPT
University of Washington

PCAOB Audit Regulation a Decade After SOX: Where it Stands and What the Future holds
Terry Shevlin headshot
Terry Shevlin
Paul Pigott/Paccar Professor of Business Administration, former editor of TAR, JATA
University of Washington

Does Voluntary Adoption of Clawback Provision Improve Financial Reporting?
Peter Easton headshot
Peter Easton
Notre Dame Alumni Professor of Accountancy and Academic Director, Center for Accounting Research and Education, Editor of RAST, Associate Editor: JAR, CAR, JAE, TAR
Notre Dame University

Dissecting Earnings Recognition Timeliness
Charles Lee headshot
Charles Lee
Joseph McDonald Professor of Accounting, Managing Director at Barclays Global Investors (BGI), associate editor of Management Science, RAST, JAE, and JF.
Stanford University

Evaluating Implied Cost of Capital Estimates
Mary Barth headshot
Mary Barth
J. E. Horngren Professor of Accounting, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, member of the IASB, and editor of MS, and associate editor of TAR
Stanford University

Cost of Capital and Earnings Transparency
Michael and Linda Bamber headshots
Michael and Linda Bamber
Michael – Harold M. Heckman Chair of Public Accounting, consulting editor of TAR;
Linda – Tull Professor of Accounting, editor of TAR
University of Georgia

Publishing Your Research
Katherine Schipper
Katherine Schipper
Thomas F. Keller Professor of Accounting, former editor of JAR, and former member of the FASB
Duke University

Direct and Mediated Associations Among Earnings Quality, Information Asymmetry and the Cost of Equity