Award Overview


PhD Student Awards

The LSU Department of Accounting recognizes exceptional students pursuing PhDs in accounting. See individual listings to learn more about each award.


This award is presented to a PhD Student in accounting interested in teaching.

Lloyd Morrison Award

The Lloyd Morrison Award is awarded to a graduate student for excellence in teaching.

Heibatollah Sami Scholarship

This scholarship is presented to outstanding PhD students.


Faculty Awards

Outstanding Teacher Award

This $1,000 award recognizes a faculty member who is dedicated to excellence in classroom instruction and demonstrates a commitment to furthering the instructional mission of the LSU Department of Accounting.

Vincent C. Brenner Endowed Faculty Research Scholarship

This $1,000 award was endowed by alumni, former faculty, and friends of Professor Brenner to recognize his 20 years of outstanding leadership of the LSU Department of Accounting. The award is presented annually to the untenured faculty member who has been most productive in academic research.