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PhD Accounting

Structure of the Program

The Department of Accounting PhD Program is designed to be a year-round program of study for full-time students. Individuals can expect to spend two years working on coursework and two years or more completing a dissertation. Students must also pass a qualifying exam upon completing the required coursework. Coursework consists of advanced classes in economics, finance, and accounting. Overall, the program usually requires four years to finish. Doctoral education is a collaborative process. Students should expect to work with fellow doctoral students in accounting and other disciplines as well as with faculty. Our PhD graduates rank no. 7 in Archival Audit Research productivity in the past six years, according to the 2020 BYU Accounting Rankings. 

Philosophy of the Program

The Doctor of Philosophy is the mark of highest achievement in accounting scholarship. The Doctor of Philosophy in accounting at LSU is designed to produce scholars who will conduct top-tier, original research that makes a significant contribution to knowledge within the accounting discipline. By the completion of the program, students are expected to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the theoretical, conceptual, and research foundations of accounting. While teaching is an integral part of an academic position in accounting and will be required by students in the program, the primary focus of the Department of Accounting PhD Program is acquisition of research skills. The combined experiences achieved through the PhD Program are designed to prepare the student to be a researcher, teacher, and colleague at the university level. 

Admission Requirements

Due to the time, effort, and resources required by both faculty and students to pursue a PhD, attention is given to assessing an applicant's potential for successfully completing the program. Most successful PhD applicants at LSU have satisfied the following requirements:

  • Admission to the LSU Graduate School
  • A minimum GMAT score of 600
  • A minimum GPA of 3.4 in the most recently completed 60 hours of work
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: Strong recommendations from individuals who have had the opportunity to observe the applicant's interest, ability, and commitment to a career of scholarship
  • Statement of Purpose and writing sample

We strongly encourage applicants to have at least an undergraduate or a graduate degree in accounting.

In addition, because entering a doctoral program typically requires relocation, potential students are often brought to campus for a further interview to ensure compatibility with the faculty, university, and community.

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You must apply through the LSU Graduate School. Please have all application materials sent to the following address:

The Graduate School
Louisiana State University
114 West David Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803

Application Deadlines

The deadline for submitting an application for consideration into the PhD Program for fall entry is December 31, however we will still consider applications afterwards.

Financial Assistance

Graduate assistantships are typically awarded for four years and include a tuition waiver. Assistantship duties may include teaching, teaching assistance, or research assistance for a faculty member. Working with faculty members on research projects is strongly encouraged. Assistantship assignments require 20 hours of work per week. The annual assistantship is at least $27,000 per year, with performance adjustments.


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