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Masters Programs

There are infinite reasons for pursing a master’s degree, and no one is limited to just one reason. Whether starting a new career, preparing for a PhD, looking to acquire new skills, improving personal marketability, preparing for an entrepreneurial project, or seeking to expand global reach, a master’s degree is desirable in our highly competitive global marketplace. Increasingly, job eligibility and job security depend on an advanced degree.

Whether you are seeking professional development or personal development, the E. J. Ourso College of Business has a curriculum that will allow you to customize the program path you need and want with electives and specializations.

The E. J. Ourso College offers master’s degrees in the following:

Master of Accountancy

Candidates who wish to sit for the Certified Public Accounting exam in Louisiana must complete 150 hours of college-level coursework, subject to specific course requirements. Students can meet the 150-hour requirement and obtain a graduate degree in five years by completing the bachelor’s in accounting (121 hours) and the master’s in accountancy (30 hours). Ultimately, the challenge is to instill the breadth of knowledge necessary to cope in today’s complex environment. The MAcc curriculum at LSU is designed to meet that challenge. With special emphasis on fundamentals and business decision making, the curriculum prepares students for a lifetime of continual learning and development.

Master of Business Administration

The LSU Flores MBA Program provides five distinctive paths for those seeking to earn their MBA:

Students in the LSU Flores MBA Program can specialize in analytics, energy, finance, global entrepreneurship, human resource management, internal audit, management consulting, marketing analytics, sports business or create a customized curriculum. The joint JD/MBA is offered in conjunction with the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU.

Master of Economics

While the economics PhD program is designed to train economists capable of adding to the knowledge of the field, doing independent research, and teaching at the college or university level, the focus of the master’s program is to provide the training necessary for careers in government and business where original research is generally not the primary concern.

Master of Finance

The goal of the Master of Science in Finance curriculum is to provide students with the analytical and communicative skills necessary for effective financial decision making through the application of financial theory and quantitative techniques. With ever-increasing financial globalization and competition for employment in the financial sector, it is crucial that professionals prepare for the increasingly complex world of finance by building a solid foundation. The curriculum offers a challenging, advanced degree that prepares students to become the leaders of this rewarding and dynamic field.

Master of Analytics

The Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences offers the Master of Science in Analytics. This degree’s curriculum prepares students for careers in the rapidly growing fields of business analytics and business intelligence. Students learn how to use state-of-the-art tools for data management, statistics, and data mining. The MSA program emphasizes teamwork and communication skills. Team projects focus on practical problems, using data from real organizations. Students with backgrounds in business, economics, engineering, statistics, math and computer science will benefit the most from this intensive 12-month program. An analytics specialization​ can also be earned through the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business’ LSU Flores MBA Program.

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration is designed for professionals in non-profit, healthcare, and government relations industries. The LSU MPA Program is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Administration and provides outstanding educational opportunities for those already in the workforce who wish to advance their careers as well as those who seek an MPA immediately after earning their undergraduate degree.

Certificate Programs

Certificate in Econometrics

A Graduate Certificate in Econometrics can be obtained by earning a minimum of a 3.0 average in the four econometrics courses listed below. No substitution of courses or transfer credit is permitted. The certificate program has prerequisites of multivariate calculus and linear algebra and is open to graduate students at LSU and to non-traditional students from business, industry, and government. 

Certificate in Analytics

A Graduate Certificate in Analytics can be obtained by earning a minimum of a 3.0 average in the four analytics courses listed below. Substitution of courses may be permitted if equivalency is established by the graduate advisor or chair of the department. The mode of delivery may be on-site at LSU or online. While there are no prerequisites to these courses, admission to the graduate school is required and an introductory course in statistics and information systems is recommended before enrolling in the course sequence. The certificate program is open to graduate students at LSU and to non-traditional students from business, industry, and government.