Daniel Keniston

Daniel Keniston

Rick & Holly Wolfert Professor
Associate Professor, Department of Economics
2325 Business Education Complex South
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Fax: 225-578-3807
Office Hours: Monday, 1:00-2:00

Biographical Summary

I am an empirical development economist with interests in firms and markets in developing countries, regional shocks and their impact on long-term development, and the political economy of India. My research uses data from a wide variety of settings, ranging from 19th century Boston to contemporary India, and applies both structural and reduced form methodologies.


  • PhD Economics, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, 2011


  • Research Interests: Development Economics, Industrial Organization, Economic History, Urban Economics

Selected Research Publications

  • Keniston, D., Banerjee, A., Duflo, E., Chattopadyay, R., and Singh, N. (2021). Improving Police Performance in Rajasthan, India: Experimental Evidence on Incentives, Managerial Autonomy, and Training. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
  • Banerjee, A., Duflo, E., Keniston, D., Singh, N., and , .. The Efficient Deployment of Police Resources: Theory and New Evidence from a Randomized Drunk Driving Crackdown in India. Econometrica.
  • Keniston, D. and Allcott, H. (2018). Dutch Disease or Agglomeration? The Local Economic Effects of Commodity Booms and Busts in Modern America. Review of Economic Studies, 85(2), 695-731.
  • Hornbeck, R. and Keniston, D. (2017). Creative Destruction: Barriers to Urban Growth and the Great Boston Fire of 1872. American Economic Review, 107(6), 1365-1398.
  • Banerjee, A., Banerji, R., Duflo, E., Glennerster, R., Keniston, D., Khemani, S., and Shotland, M. (2007). Can information campaigns raise awareness and local participation in primary education?. Economic and Political Weekly, , 1365--1372.

Working Papers

  • Keniston, D., Cassan, G., and Kleineberg, T. (2021). A Division of Laborers: Identity and Efficiency in India

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August 17, 2018