Budget Update

We are pleased to announce that the Governor and our legislators mitigated the worst of the potential budget cuts facing LSU this fiscal year. In fact, they were successful in eliminating cuts to our state general fund. LSU now faces covering a $10 million TOPS shortfall, which is a significant portion of the overall $28.3 million TOPS deficit. Since this cut applies to the current year, these funds will have to be found by June 30.

It is troubling that, as the highest-performing public university in the state, LSU will once again bear the majority of cuts simply because it is home to more high-achieving TOPS recipients than other state universities, but we are grateful to be spared the devastating cuts that were previously on the table for 2016. We will be in touch with the campus leadership about instituting this current budget reduction. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning and we greatly appreciate everyone’s help and assistance in getting us through 2016.

Now we turn our attention to the current legislative session, which is focused on next year's state budget hole for 2016-2017. The proposed state reductions for next year will be released in early April, but due to the $700 million deficit that went unaddressed in the recent special legislative session, we anticipate another very challenging scenario involving both state appropriations and TOPS reductions.

Your voice mattered in this battle, and I hope you’ll continue to use it as we proceed into the Regular Session. Thank you all for everything you do to make LSU the very special place it is today.


F. King Alexander
LSU President