Budget Update

Special Session adjourned at 6 p.m. yesterday, and while there was a flurry of activity before sine die, the budget shortfall for the current fiscal year was not completely resolved. While we don’t know the exact numbers just yet, the Governor’s Office will share official results with us as soon as they become concrete. In turn, as soon as we are able to determine the impact of these cuts, we will reach out to the campus community with specifics.

Your vocal support and willingness to educate your legislators was critical throughout the special session, and will remain important for the duration of Regular Session, which begins on Monday, March 14.

Thank you, not just for your patience as we entered into a session that left many questions unanswerable for the duration, but also for your continued commitment to LSU. As a Tiger, you know that this place is more than a university – it’s an ideal, and it is made special by the contributions of each and every one of you who choose to call it home.

Your efforts make LSU the very special place it is today. Your voice mattered in this battle, and I hope you’ll continue to use it as we proceed into the Regular Session.


F. King Alexander
LSU President