March 6, 2018

‘Totally dysfunctional’: La. legislators end special session early, without revenue fix
BR Proud

Legislature ends special session without a deal
Tiger TV

With special session over, what’s next for Louisiana’s legislature?

Louisiana 2018 special session: Winners and losers

Next step: Will Louisiana lawmakers agree on budget cuts?
Houma Today

$1 million 'down the drain,' 0 tax problems fixed in failed Louisiana special session
The Advocate

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy blisters Gov. John Bel Edwards, says voters doubt fiscal crisis
The Advocate

Session failed to solve state deficit; some lawmakers to keep their pay just the same

Local hospitals and TOPS could lose funding, after Special Session ends with no budget deal

How do we fix Louisiana's budget?
WWL Radio

Split among House GOP complicated efforts to work out deal
The Daily Advertiser

With no solution on fiscal cliff, what happens next?
Louisiana Radio Network

State House members owe citizens an apology
The Town Talk

Our Views: Assuming lawmakers want to fix fiscal crisis, regular-session rules tie their hands
The Advocate

Lanny Keller: Another budget crisis, another threat to Louisiana's economic progress
The Advocate

Dan Fagan: Stop crying wolf over failure to raise taxes; Edwards to blame for this fiasco
The Advocate

Grace Notes: In Louisiana Legislature, partisanship plus distrust adds up to special session disaster
The Advocate

Opinion: Brutal special session reveals weak spots
Houma Today

Our state legislature is laughable so let's laugh at them!