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Tiger Card

Tiger Card FAQs

What is the Tiger Card?

The Tiger Card is the official LSU Identification card for all students, faculty, staff and affiliates. The card also serves as an electronic key for residence halls as well as the TigerCASH account. In addition, the card allows you to use other services for which you have privileges such as libraries, Recreational Center, meal plans etc. 

Who is eligible to obtain a Tiger Card?

Any student currently registered for classes and verifiable by the Registrar’s Office is eligible for an ID. Faculty and Staff may obtain a Tiger Card once employment is verified by Human Resources and a copy of the Personnel Action Form has been submitted to the Tiger Card Office. Affiliates of the university and members of the Ag Center may receive cards with an approved letter from their supervisor. All persons MUST present a valid photo ID before a Tiger Card is issued.

What happens if I lose my Tiger Card?

If the Tiger Card is lost or stolen, the student should immediately log onto the online office or call the Tiger Card Office to suspend the card. This prevents any charges to be made against their account until recovery or replacement of the ID.

How much does it cost to replace a lost or stolen ID’s?

A replacement ID cost $20 unless the person has a police report which states the ID was stolen. Payment for the replacement may be made with cash, check, or TigerCASH; it can not be put on their fee bill.

Why is there a $20 Tiger Card replacement fee?

The $20 replacement fee is implemented to help cover the costs of Tiger Card production. All replacement fees go towards the purchasing of new cards, ink, and laminate.

If I get a replacement Tiger Card, will everything still work on it immediately?

Yes, your TigerCASH, Paw Points and meal plans will take immediate effect. Access to your residence hall may be delayed as your new Tiger Card may need to be reprogrammed at the front desk of your residence hall.

My card doesn’t work in certain areas of campus (I.E. Rec. Center, Res. Halls etc.) What’s wrong?

Automatically check to make sure the information on the card matches the information in our systems. If everything matches and the card is in good shape, refer the student to the particular department. There, they can check their system, more than likely a privilege needs to be added and that department is the only one with access to add such a privilege.

What happens if my name, Social Security Number, or classification status changes?

First, obtain a request form from the Office of Records and Registration in Thomas Boyd Hall. Then, bring the form along with the old Tiger Card to the office. A new card will then be issued containing the updated information. All updates are done free of charge.

What if I am eligible for two different classifications?

The highest level of classification is printed, and only one card is allowed at a time.

What is a Tiger Geaux Card?

The Tiger Geaux Card is available through VTS machines as well as the office. The cards cost $1 each. After the initial purchase, deposits may be made to the card. The Tiger Geaux Cards are used like Tiger Cards in regards to TigerCASH. The Tiger Geaux Card is not an LSU identification card.

What is the difference between TigerCASH, Tiger Geaux Cards and Paw Points?

  • TigerCASH is an actual dollar value on your ID and can be used at various locations both on and off campus.
  • Paw Points can be used on campus for food purchases only and may only be obtained by purchasing a university meal plan.
  • Tiger Geaux Cards act as TigerCASH, and are available for visitors or Tiger Card holders who do not have their card with them.

How long does it take for TigerCASH to become active once added?

Once TigerCASH have been added through your Tiger Card portal, they will be available immediately.

When do my Paw Points expire?

Paw Points carry over from fall into spring but will expire at the end of the Spring semester. Paw Points have a one-time roll over from Fall to Spring if you have a Spring Meal Plan that includes Paw Points.  At the end of the Spring semester, any unused Paw Points are lost. This one-time transfer occurs on the 14th class day.

How will a student know the balance remaining on his or her meal plan?

A student can check his or her balance on their Tiger Card Account Portal. The balance will also be shown on at the register at the end of each transaction. LSU Dining associate can also swipe the card to preview the balance. If there are no more meals you may use your Paw Points. If your Paw Points are finished you may use TigerCASH.

What do I do if I was overcharged at a vendor?

If you find a discrepancy in your Tiger Card account, you must discuss the discrepancy with a manager at the location where the transaction took place. If the issue is not resolved, please contact tigercard@lsu.edu and we will work with the vendor to help resolve the issue.

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