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Departmental Mail

Departmental Mail is all USPS mail addressed to and being sent off-campus from the university’s unique zip code of 70803.  The inbound departmental mail is collected from the US Post Office , sorted and delivered across campus to the various departments daily.  Mail is sorted according to the LSU department name.  It is essential that a full department name be part of the address.  All outbound departmental mail must be identified and metered with postage through Mailing Services.  Outbound departmental mail must have a postage charge form attached for billing purposes, see Outbound Mailing Standards.  Departmental mail should be kept separated from campus mail and stamped mail.  Outbound departmental mail will be picked up by your mail courier when delivering your inbound mail.  Outbound departmental mail is metered and delivered to the US Post Office daily.

Note:  Postage meter imprints paid for with LSU Funds are to be used for official business purposes only. Personal use of such postage is a misappropriation of state funds.