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Campus Mail

Mailing Services picks up and delivers interdepartmental mail, known as Campus Mail, every day.  Campus mail is correspondence circulated within the LSU mail system without postage.  Campus Mail is used to conduct daily business with specific individuals and departments or to reach a general University population to distribute information on University policies or events.  All campus mail material must originate from the department it represents.  Mailings representing off campus, non LSU affiliated organizations must be sent via the US Postal Service (PS-91).  Campus mail should be kept separated from outbound departmental mail and stamped mail.  The use of campus mail interdepartmental envelopes is encouraged and the recycled/reusable envelopes may be obtained by contacting our mail vendor, The UPS Store, at 578-6756 or  When addressing campus mail always include the department name.  Please do not use acronyms or initials for the department name.  Campus mail will be picked up by your mail courier when delivering your inbound mail.