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Bulk Mail Nonprofit Permit

On behalf of LSU Mailing Services, Auxiliary Services maintains a Nonprofit Bulk Mail Permit. Utilization of the nonprofit bulk mail permit for your department’s domestic mailings may substantially reduce the cost of postage. A minimum of 200 pieces, of identical size and weight, is required to qualify for nonprofit bulk mail. The use of LSU’s bulk mail permit must be authorized in advance by LSU Mailing Services. Authorization may be secured by submitting the Bulk Mail Control Number Request Form to: lsumailsvc@lsu.edu. Approved nonprofit bulk mailings will be issued a unique LSU control number by LSU Mailing Services. Postage for the mailing will be drafted from an USPS advance payment account. Auxiliary Services will charge back the department for the postage used. If postage charges are not an allowable expenditure of University funds, Auxiliary Services will invoice the department for the postage charges.

When planning to use bulk mail, please consider and prepare for slower delivery times. Bulk mail is processed by the USPS on a lower priority basis than First-Class mail. There is no guaranteed delivery time. In state mail is typically delivered in about 3 to 6 business days, national mail is typically delivered between 7 days to 2 weeks. Bulk Mail is not forwarded if the addressee has moved, nor is it returned if undeliverable.

Bulk Mail Form

Bulk Mail Basics

  • Minimum of 200 pieces, of identical size and weight is required.
  • Postage rate is based on size, shape, and weight.
  • Mailing address list must contain only domestic addresses.
  • Mailing address list must be NCOA updated and CASS Certified.
  • Envelopes must be presorted.
  • Nonprofit bulk mail indicia must be printed onto each mail piece.
  • LSU control number may only be used one time, for one mail drop.

An LSU approved vendor should be engaged as a mailing agent to process the bulk mailing for your department, as there are specific USPS requirements that must be met when using the nonprofit bulk mail permit. Many print vendors will act as the mailing agent and preform bulk mail processes. The mailing address list used must be NCOA updated, CASS certified, and sorted into “presort” order prior to mailing. The mailing agent will complete certification and sorting, in addition to addressing the envelopes and completing the necessary PS Form 3602-N and depositing the bulk mailing at the US Post Office. Currently our permit is held at the Bluebonnet Station.

LSU Bulk Mail Control Number Request and Processing Procedures

The Department should complete the Bulk Mail Control Number Request Form and send to Mailing Services via email: lsumailsvc@lsu.edu. A pdf of the print proof of the mail piece should be submitted with the control number request form. The control number request form must be submitted prior to the processing of the bulk mail job by the print vendor/mailing agent. Failure to do so could result in the depletion of permit account funds and/or your mailing to be delayed. We suggest submitting the control number request form no later than the day the final print proof is approved by your department. It is not required that the exact number of mail pieces and exact date be submitted on the request form, only an estimation is necessary.

Mailing Services will issue a LSU control number via email to the department contact within 3 business days of receipt of request. The department contact is responsible for providing the print vendor/mailing agent with the LSU control number.

The print vendor/mailing agent is responsible for the completion and submission of USPS Form 3602-N for Non-Profit Standard Mail when depositing the mail at the US Post Office where the permit is held.

The print vendor/mailing agent is required to, on the day of the mailing, notify LSU Mailing Services which LSU control number has been used along with the dollar amount of postage, the number of pieces mailed and the date deposited at the US Post Office. This information may be provided to LSU Mailing Services by the one of the three different methods.

Electronic Submittal of PS 3602-N allows the mailing agent to add additional user defined fields to the 3602-N form. For example, Customer Reference ID. The LSU control number may be entered in this field, and the data will be transferred into the USPS system and will appear on the final USPS Postage Summary which is then downloaded by LSU Mailing Services. This is the easiest, most efficient method.

Hard Copy Submittal of PS 3602-N does not allow for the LSU control number to appear on the final USPS Postage Summary. The LSU control number may be noted on the PS 3602-N form, however, extraneous information is not transferred into the USPS system. On the day the mailing is deposited at USPS, a copy of the completed 3602-N form with the estimated postage amount and associated LSU control number must be sent to LSU Mailing Services via email: lsumailsvc.lsu.edu.

An email containing the below specified information may be sent on the day of mailing to LSU Mailing Services, lsumailsvc@lsu.edu.
LSU Control #

LSU Department:



Postage $:

If there is an Adjustment Summary issued for the submitted PS 3602-N form by USPS either at the time the mail is deposited or during processing the print vendor/mailing agent must promptly email a copy of the Adjusted Summary to LSU Mailing Services.

If the contracted Vendor outsources mailing portion to another party, contracted Vendor must ensure the above procedures are adhered to by outsourced party.