Sky Journal Photography Exhibit Opens in the LSU Student Union Art Gallery

Sky Journal Exhibit by KK McCarley: January 7, 2019 - January 31, 2019

The sky is a constant, a calm in a very chaotic world and headspace. The photographs of the sky paired with text are a visual representation of how KK calms her mind on a day to day basis. The sky provides that small break, a few moments or minutes of relief and peace. Intrigued with the idea of the sky being a constant in her life, while also being an ever transforming subject. Overhead things are always changing, and similarly, she is am always changing. The heart of this work is centered around the idea that, though constantly bound by some form of chaos and feeling as though every day is a battle, KK has chosen to fight these battles. Using a medium format camera, she has capture black and white square images of the sky. This exhibit is free and open to all!